LSX mpeg - 2 crash questions

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    Hello. I am not a computer programmer, so this question will be phrased
    in plain English. No offense. Recently while using Windows Explorer and
    trying to access a specific folder I would get a window saying that
    windows exlorer needed to close. When sending the error report,
    microsoft states that they have no fix as yet. The ligos corporation
    site only states that the program causing the problem has been
    discontinued. Now for some things that I have noticed about the
    situation. First off, it only happens either when I try to access the
    specific folder mentioned or when I open said folder's properties
    window and go to the customize tab. Under the customize tab there is a
    generating preview for a thumbnail display which does not generate the
    thumbnail. The specific folder mentioned above has the view set to
    thumbnails. That folder does open and loads about 6 or 7 subfolder
    images with the thumbnails before I get the windows explorer needs to
    close message. The specific folder contains movies and images as do the

    So could the problem be in the program that is generating the
    thumbnails from the movies in the folder and in the subfolders? If so
    is there a way to turn off the thumbnail option? Or even to delete the
    thumbnail generating program without affecting the icon generation? Is
    there a way to reset the folder view options without opening the
    folder? Is the problem perhaps that the thumbnail generation is not
    capable of just stopping with the first frame and wants to run the
    entire movie or movies simultaneously? Any other solutions to this

    I am posting this here as I can not afford the 35 dollars per question
    that microsoft would want. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Death to psychotronic weaponry. All religions are conspiracies.
    Pseudoscience is fraud. Big brother is paranoid. James M. Vierling
    , Aug 5, 2005
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    Re: LSX mpeg - 2 crash questions

    Hello. Yes the problem must have been in the thumbnail program. I say
    this due to the fact that I managed to go back to the icon view and the
    crashes do not happen anymore. I realize that what I did is not a fix
    to the program, however it may help people get rid of the problem until
    microsoft or ligos offers a patch. Here is what I did and another
    option I found.

    I went back to the folder that the problem occurred in and when the
    windows explorer needs to close message popped up I simply dragged the
    box to a corner of the screen then started right clicking on all the
    folders within that folder and changing the view option back to icon.
    You might also encounter a doctor watson debugger needs to close screen
    while doing this. At which point you may need to restart your computer
    as it will freeze up. Just restart and go back and start the process
    mentioned above again until all your thumbnail view folders have been
    changed to some other view, but icon works. You also need to drag the
    winows explore needs to close window out of the way as soon as it
    appears or it will leave a tracer like trail from where you began
    dragging it to wherever you drag it to.

    If you have any folders within those folders that have the thumbnail
    view, you will need to change them also.

    I also came across another option that may work in control panel. After
    you open control panel in XP, there should be an icon called folders.
    If you do not see this icon click the change view, or view as, link at
    the upper left corner. You don't want it on category view for this.
    Anyways, if you click the folders icon another window opens and there
    is a reset all folders to a particular view option. You will need to
    set it to reset all folders to a different view than the thumbnail

    Hope that helps anyone experiencing this problem.

    Death to psychotronic weaponry. All religions are conspiracies.
    Pseudoscience is fraud. Big brother is paranoid. James M. Vierling Jr.
    , Aug 15, 2005
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