London action plan on spam

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    London action plan on spam

    168/04 12 October 2004

    An international action plan to communicate and cooperate on enforcement
    action to tackle spam has been agreed by 19 bodies from 15 countries
    attending the London international spam enforcement workshop organised by
    the OFT and the US Federal Trade Commission.

    The London Action Plan aims to develop international links to address spam
    and spam-related problems. Participating government bodies have made
    commitments to actions including:
    encouraging communication and coordination between agencies to achieve
    efficient and effective enforcement
    regular conference calls to discuss: cases, legislative developments,
    investigative techniques, ways to address obstacles to enforcement, consumer
    and business education projects
    encouraging dialogue between government agencies and private sector
    representatives to promote ways to support government agencies in bringing
    spam cases and pursue their own initiatives to fight spam

    The action plan is open for other interested government agencies and for
    appropriate private sector representatives to join in order to expand the
    network of bodies working together to combat spam.

    Commitments in the action plan made by participating private-sector
    representatives include:
    establishing a designated contact within an organisation to facilitate
    responses and requests for enforcement related assistance from spam
    enforcement agencies
    work with other private sector representatives to establish a resource list
    of individuals within particular sectors working on spam enforcement
    participation in conference calls to assist law enforcement agencies in
    bringing spam cases and provide information on cases, new technology, trends
    in internet and spam and general data on spam as an early warning mechanism
    for government agencies
    assisting in training for government agencies to help their investigations
    and to bring spam cases
    assisting government agencies in understanding the best ways to request
    information from them.

    The OFT and FTC will work closely with others towards implementing the steps
    in the action plan.

    John Vickers, OFT Chairman, said:
    'The London action plan demonstrates a true international commitment to
    fighting spam in the interests of consumers and business.'

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