Linux and the "Moral High Ground"

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Mickey Mouse, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse Guest

    Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony speaking out about factions developing within
    the Linux community, comments on the Moral High Ground.

    'Lastly...some distributions have come out, claiming to be taking the
    "moral high ground" by refusing to give into "Microsoft threats," while
    openly promoting the means of circumventing proprietary software on their
    web sites, amounting to nothing more than high-brow software piracy.
    Some are claiming anti-Microsoft sentiment in regards to our recent
    announcement, but I don't see them licensing or respecting the IP from many
    others, not just Microsoft. That's not how I define the "moral high

    Clearly these distributions must have demand for these proprietary
    technologies, because several tools exist which are promoted on their sites
    to provide illegal copies of software, drivers and codecs. They offer
    disclaimers about the laws in certain countries, yet they must know that
    many of their customers are using the information from within those
    countries. This portrays more of an attitude of how to "get around" the
    law, rather than trying to live within it. For me, the true high ground is
    what Linspire has been doing from the beginning, by respecting the law and
    openly licensing proprietary software so that we can legally re-distribute
    that software to the end user if they so choose.'
    Mickey Mouse, Jun 29, 2007
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  2. Vista's failures explained

    Some incisive commentary
    <>. Choice extracts:

    You then raised the price quite a bit while hurting consumers with

    Then comes compatibility or lack thereof. I installed [Vista] on about
    10 client machines, and so many things broke that most were removed
    within a week.

    Then comes the DRM infection, baked in to the very DNA of MeII. Why you
    did this is beyond me, software like AnyDVD and countless others has
    comprehensively trounced any DRM you have on the OS. You are left with a
    user antagonistic forced upgrade cycle where you are in a release war
    with the anti-DRM crowd. You have lost this kind of fight every time,
    you will lose this one, and all the end users get is pain.

    A surprising revelation about Vista security:

    When it comes to security, people with access to the full [Vista] source
    tree, many with code in XP and MeII itself, tell me the security tacked
    on is just that, tacked on. They tell me there are no fundamental
    changes to the security model, just in their words, "Windows(TM)


    From the increasingly desperate screed emanating from your spinners, it
    sounds like you are getting the message where it counts, in your
    wallets. Good, maybe this will catch your attention more than trifling
    lawsuits that you can buy your way out of with campaign contributions.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 29, 2007
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  3. peterwn

    peterwn Guest

    Re: Micro$oft and the "Moral Low Ground"

    Mickey Mouse wrote:
    > Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony speaking out about factions developing within
    > the Linux community, comments on the Moral High Ground.

    Micro$oft - the Al Capone of the software world.

    Chicago 1929:
    * Protection rackets
    * Bought off cops
    * Speakeasys

    Redmond 2007:
    * Protection rackets
    * Bought off republican controlled Department of Justice
    * Shills and astroturfers

    Must set the mousetrap tonight.
    peterwn, Jun 29, 2007
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