Lightroom Export, am I doing this the hard way?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by J. Clarke, May 5, 2013.

  1. J. Clarke

    J. Clarke Guest

    I'm doing product photography. I might do 20 different products a day.
    When I'm done shooting and editing I need to have each file on disk as a
    JPEG under 500K with separate folders for each product. So for example
    I shoot 20 different silver patterns, I need to end up with folders
    "Patern 1", "Pattern 2", etc, each with the final photos for each
    pattern (I don't always do silver, sometimes it's dolls, sometimes it's
    beer steins, sometimes it's coins, sometimes it's old cars, sometimes
    it's stuff I'd never heard of before).

    I've been using Lightroom, with occasional edits in Photoshop.

    The way I've been working is to do the shooting for the day, then import
    everything into Lightroom, create a collection set for each product,
    select the photos of that product, create a subcollection for them, then
    do the picks/selects workflow and edit the selects as needed.

    So I end up with a bunch of collection sets, each with a name
    corresponding to the product, each with three collections in it,
    "Collection", "Picks", and "Selects", with the money shots in "Selects"
    edited and ready to go.

    All of this works fine. It's when I go to export these that I have a
    problem. I can do it just fine, but it seems like I'm duplicating a lot
    of effort, and I'm wondering if either there's some way to just tell
    Lightroom "Export the 'Selects' collection from each of these collection
    sets to a new folder bearing the name of the collection set", or if I'm
    just going about the whole thing the wrong way.

    If there was a way to set up all the exports and then tell it to do them
    that would help too as a large part of my frustration is due to the slow
    response of the machine as I'm setting up the next export while one is
    in progress.

    Any suggestions?
    J. Clarke, May 5, 2013
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