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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by cybercat, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. cybercat

    cybercat Guest

    You folks were so helpful when I needed to buy a desktop, I thought I'd get
    your input before I buy my first new laptop.

    I need it mostly for trips out of town, for checking mail and Internet, and
    it would be nice if it had decent speakers that don't sound tinny. (I am not
    an audiophile, all I know is that the old Compaq I bought used reallys
    sounded like *&%$.)

    Most important is a strong wireless capability (and I know much of that has
    nothing to do with the laptop, but what should I look for to avoid problems
    connecting, if anything? I see numbers next to "wireless" on the TD and Dell
    web sites but don't know what they mean, you get me?) I want to spend less
    than a grand. So we are talking budget laptop. (I do not game.)

    Gotta buy this week as I have a trip coming too soon for ensured shipping by
    the time I leave. We have a Tiger Direct nearby, I hate them but will use
    them if need be. (Hate their snotty sales staff, mostly, and just the
    general noise of the stores.) Otherwise it is Best Buy or maybe Staples.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have been looking at Acer Aspire
    models, the price grabs me and they also have pretty big hard drives and
    nice amounts of memory. Fast and cheap, if possible, is what I would like.
    Thank you.
    cybercat, Jul 15, 2008
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  2. cybercat

    cybercat Guest

    "Alex Clayton" <> wrote :

    > For that price if you want new, you will have to go PC, which means Win.
    > Vista. All of them now will have wireless, speakers are not going to sound
    > like much at all, but they will all have headphone jacks and an EQ. Since
    > it will be Vista you wants gobs of RAM, and DO NOT get Vista basic. Either
    > Home Premium, Ultimate, or business are what you want. At min 2 Gig of Ram
    > that can be expanded. I just bought this one that has a Pentium Dual-core
    > and 3 Gig of RAM for $499.00. HP Presario. It runs fine. Every week
    > someone has one on sale.

    Thanks for the input! I had not thought about a headset, that makes sense. I
    an HP Pavilion desk top for years, the last dt I replaced, so I am used to
    HP. Sure
    wish I could find one with XP already on it.
    cybercat, Jul 17, 2008
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