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  1. Perry

    Perry Guest

    Please find below my CCNP Lab. I have collected all this equipment and lost
    interest. I am NOT a dealer, I just want to get rid of this equipment. All
    of it is USED, it all is in perfect working order, but it does have normal
    wear and tear on it. I have it racked up in my lab. I will provide pictures
    and configs to any SERIOUS buyer(s). I am parting it out or selling it
    whole. Make me a reasonable offer and lets do business. I will load any IOS
    that you want or specify it and I will put it on a cd for you and send
    along. It will also come with a 7 day DOA warranty from me. Please email me
    at amatall. Making sure to remove the uneeded spam
    blocker. The equipment is located in South Carolina, and you will pay
    shipping. I will pack it.

    List Follows:

    3 x Cat 3001 with 2503 Router Blade installed. These are older single piece
    config, comprised of a 24 port Cat 3000 switch with menu based IOS that has
    a WAN module slot containing a 2503 router installed. The switch will allow
    you to do basic vlans and some port config, but it is and end of life
    product with no upgrade to the switch IOS available. However the Router
    blade is a full featured 2503 router. It has 2 DB60 Serial ports, 1 ISDN
    Bri, and use use any one of the 24 ethernet ports on the switch as ethernet,
    as well as a console port and AUX port. The router has 8 meg on flash. 2 meg
    of RAM and IOS 12.5t installed.

    1 x Cat 5513 13 slot Catalyst Switch with Supervisor 3 ( No uplink Module)
    It has a 32 meg Flash card and 128 mb memory. 1 Power Supply, and 2 WS 5012
    10 base t switching modules. These are the type that have 66 block
    connecters that handle 12 ports each connection, and a patpanel for the
    other end that has 96 ports and the other end of the 66 block connecter.
    This was designed so that all the cat 5 connecters would not have to
    terminate at the swtich itself, but rather a panel as far as 12 feet away. I
    have 6' connecting cables for the patch panels. Again, choose the IOS that
    you want and I will send it along.

    2 x 7000 Series Router Only one thing to say BIG! Cisco 7000 Series Chassis
    with Routing Module, Switching Module, 8 serial, 4 token, 1 FDDI, 4 Ether, 1
    ATM, 1 Power Supply. I have 2 Identical except on does NOT have ATM Module.

    1 x 5200 Acess Server. 2 Serial, 1 ehter, console, aux and 48 56k digital
    modems, with dual T1/PRI card. 16 flash 32 meg memoery, you pick the IOS.

    1 4000 Series Router No modules 16 Flash, 16 memory. You pick IOS. Front is
    damaged a bit on one corner, but Router works fine.

    1 2501 2 Serial, 1 Ether, Aux, Console, 8 Flash 16 RAM IOS 12.5t

    3 2503 2 Serial, 1 Ether, Aux, Console, 1 ISDN BRI 8 Flash 16 RAM IOS 12.5t

    2 2620 1 56k Wic, 1 ether, aux, console and 1 open WAN slot 16fl 32 memory

    1 Catalyst 5000 Supervisor 1, 2 x 5012 Ethernet Modules, same as 5513
    above. 8 Flash 32 memory 1 Power Supply

    1 Catalyst 5000 Chassis with 1 Power Supply

    1 PIX 5? 4 U rack mounted Actual Factory PIX PIII 450mhz processor, 128 MB
    RAM, 2 MB Flash, 3 Ehternet interfaces, 3 DES. This was an oldedr PIX that I
    bought, it had a pentium 133 when I got it, but I upgraded the Main board,
    processor and RAM. All PIX is, is an Intel BX mainboard, Intel Processor,
    RAM and a Cisco IOS PCI flash card. It works great and is the equivelant of
    a 520. It has PIX version 4.2 I believe. Unlinited user license 3 DES

    1 Frankin PIX In short exactly as above except in a generic rack mountable
    case I built this out of parts. Just search for Frankin PIX on google and
    you will see how easy is. The Flash card is Cisco.

    1 oliocom 8 port Token Ring MAU

    2 VIC-2FXS 2 Port Voice cards for 1600/1700/2600 These will provide voice
    over IP with dial tone from one router to another. You must use them in a
    1700 or buy a seperate WAN adapter for the 2600/3600 routers

    1 ISDN BRI Module for 1600/1700/2600/3600

    1 1720 Router with 56k WIC, 1 ether, console, aux, and open wan slot. 16FL
    32 RAM

    1 2924XL EN 24 port Catalyst switch. 24 port with two expansion slots, one
    has 2922xl FDDI module and the other 2961xl ATM uplink. CAT IOS

    1 Fore systems 12 port ATM switch.

    4 X 3' DB60 DCE-DTE Cables

    8 X 6' DB60 DCE-DTE Cables

    The End

    As you can see I have a lot of gear to get rid of. HELP ME! I need the
    storage space. Picures and configs available by email for SERIOUS Buyers.
    Make me an offer, but be fair and I'll be fair to you.

    Steve Perry

    Conway, SC
    Perry, Jan 3, 2004
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