Kingston CF/4GB card

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Harry Bennett, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Harry Bennett

    Mike Fields Guest

    "Philip Homburg" <> wrote in message
    > In article <Xns98852D3ECE60Fharrybsyportco@>,
    > Harry Bennett <> wrote:
    >>You can make the newer cards bootable if you format them using NTFS.
    >>However they are not reliable when formatted with NTFS and there are
    >>frequent ( or too frequent for us ) failures with minor disk
    >>that does not seem to occur when formatted using a FAT format.

    >>Kingston techincal support tried to be helpful but they claimed "we
    >>usually do not support our flash cards as mass storage drives but only
    >>removable storage" therefore our use is outside they way they think
    >>cards should be used and is thus un-supported.

    > I guess you have to report the low level error you get to them and
    > claim that they violate the CF specs and are there engaged in false
    > advertising.
    > It doesn't matter how it is intended to be used, if you claim to
    > implement
    > a standard, you have to adhere to that standard without making random
    > changes.

    Why ??? It works for Microsoft !! They just redefine the "standard"
    and claim people are not following it (their version that is). :)

    This has been interesting -- I was also working in the background
    on a handy little controller/datalogger for use around the house (make
    a number of them) and was planning on using CF. I guess I need to
    change my concept and have an onboard flash for boot/OS and CF
    just for data storage etc.

    For what it's worth, you might want to also run this thread/
    problem over in the "comp.arch.embedded" group (have not
    been there for a while so you may have). Good bunch with
    LOTS of good ideas over there.

    Mike Fields, Nov 24, 2006
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  2. Harry Bennett

    Paul Rubin Guest

    Harry Bennett <> writes:
    > As I said earlier our fall back is to go for an industial embedded solid
    > state Hard drive but this is not a cheap option, espcially when you
    > consider that we will have to re-qualify everything again because of the
    > major component / design change.

    Here's an 8gb Transcend one for $300, yes I guess that's more than
    commodity CF cards cost, but I suspect there are reasons other than

    Here's some other sizes (scroll down near the end) from Super Talent:

    I've emailed you about an old CF card that I have (and you've
    responded); it doesn't have the exact model number you wanted. Is
    there a way for me to conveniently test whether it does what you need?

    It looks to me also like there's a fair number of these cards on ebay.
    Paul Rubin, Nov 25, 2006
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  3. Harry Bennett


    Paul Rubin <http://> writes:

    > I've emailed you about an old CF card that I have (and you've
    > responded); it doesn't have the exact model number you wanted. Is
    > there a way for me to conveniently test whether it does what you
    > need?

    If you have a unix box of some sort, plug it in and use dd to write
    to block 0. Then to read it back.

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