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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Homer, Jan 31, 2009.

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    In Story 1 and Story II you seem to find a lot of puzzled people taking
    pictures - Oh I now understand these as just Stories, Fiction, both high end
    Canon Cameras & flash and you were able to figure out their problems without
    looking sounds like a lot of BS.

    "Alan Browne" <> wrote in message
    Rich wrote:
    > I often hear people (likely motivated more by envy than anything else)
    > criticize novices who sport expensive DSLRs. I figure it's the same kind
    > of people who dine on steak and feed their kids hotdogs because "the kids
    > can't appreciate the steak fully."
    > Friend is attending photo school. Guy shows up toting a new D3...with a
    > $150 Sigma zoom attached. Disgusting, I know. Shows a lack of something
    > on that person's part. But ultimately, even a novice or a complete hack
    > will do somewhat better with a better camera, it's inevitable. The person
    > with the D300 coupled to a 300mm f2.8 is likely going to do a little
    > better
    > than the guy with the old D50 and the basic, slow 70-300mm G lens, if you
    > were to average the results across a couple hundred shots.
    > So, the old question, is a $5000 camera in a novice's hands(lets assume a
    > novice who is clueless and won't bother learning)a complete waste? No.
    > Because even though they'll never exploit its full potential, they will do
    > slightly better with it than with a lesser machine.

    Story I
    A few years ago at a trade show I saw some fellow in his 50's with a
    high end Canon and flash attempting to photograph his company's large
    booth. He looked puzzled, confused, frustrated and borderline angry. I
    could have stopped and suggested he shoot available light with a tripod,
    but I doubted that he had a tripod. From his shooting posture and his
    puzzled look at the controls, he was looking for the camera to fix the
    problem. I walked on by...

    Story II
    Last summer at the Lincoln Memorial a young fellow had a high end Canon
    and a wide angle zoom. He was doing a back sunlit shot of someone with
    fill flash. As I walked by he appeared puzzled at what was shown in the
    monitor. Without seeing his monitor I knew immediately what the problem
    was, I bent down, pointed at the petal shade and said: "Remove this."
    He immediately caught on and said, "Oh! of course! Thanks!"

    The difference between these novices was one who really expected the
    camera to do the work without thought and the other who had the correct
    approach but was making one little mistake... and one he instantly
    understood once pointed out.

    It's not about how novice someone is, it's about their attitude and
    willingness to learn despite mistakes that come up. And as usual this
    has nothing to do with the equipment.

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    Homer, Jan 31, 2009
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