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    Summary of Threads from this newsgroup between July 7th -
    1:54pm on July 23 2004.
    I. Useful Links
    II. Recommendations
    IV.Model Questions
    ---------- begin --------
    I. Useful Links:

    www.walshsw.com not a big database but $2.95 per exam or
    10$ for 30days,

    ..cfm - >more cheaper
    http://tinyurl.com/25nhg -> vb.net


    II. Recommendations:
    --------Kalani's books:------begin
    I love the Kalani blue training guides, but in all
    honesty, the sample
    questions in that book, and in the red Exam Cram, just
    aren't good
    enough unless you really mastered the material in every

    Kalani's questions seem good for a knowledge level, but
    the real test
    is more of a comprehension level test.
    ------------ Kalani's books ---end

    ---MCAD begin ---

    Am I MCAD Certified if I take these exams:
    > 70-305
    > 70-306
    > 70-310
    > Thanks in advance
    > -James

    Yes, but only if you pass them :)

    Frankly, I think people should consider the 70-229 in
    their MCAD. You
    don't need it for MCAD, but it shows that you know
    something about SQL
    Server, which is used by most .NET companies.

    If you want to be a web developer, I'd replace the 306
    with the 229.
    If you want to be a windows developer, I'd replace the 305
    with the 229.

    --MCAD end -----------

    -----ADO.net begin ----------------------------------------
    ADO,NET is covered in quite a few exams, 315, 316, 320,
    from what
    I have read in this newsgroup.
    -----ADO.net end ------------------------------------------

    ----70-306 -----begin -------------------------------------
    The book that I read word by word was the Self-paced
    Microsoft book (500 pages) by Matthew Stoecker. Its
    sample questions were a little too difficult, but good.
    Also bought Mike Gunderloy's book by QUE Certification,
    but didn't have time to use it much. That one is a little
    too detailed (1000 pages). Its sample questions were a
    little too easy, but good. Several of the answers to
    sample questions were wrong though.

    used getcertified4less.com to use one of their packages
    to register for the exam; that way it only cost me $35
    for the Transcender sample questions, which is normally
    over $110. The exam itself stays as $125. I thought the
    Transcender questions were totally worth it. Especially
    the comprehensive explanations to even the wrong choices
    in questions. The difficulty of its questions were just
    right. i.e., not too difficult, not too easy.

    Other books:
    ..Amit Kalani's book
    ..Franceso Balena's book
    ..Mike Gunderloy's book
    - has lot of examples


    ----70-306 -----end ---------------------------------------

    ----70-310 -----begin -------------------------------------

    "Learning XML, Second Edition" by Erik T. Ray
    ----70-310 -----end ---------------------------------------

    ----70-320 -----begin -------------------------------------
    Let me tell you, Kalani's book is not nearly as on the
    mark for this test as it was for 70-315. I felt like I
    was taking the wrong exam! Acutally, the topics were the
    same but there were questions about things I had never
    heard of, and I read Kalani cover to cover twice and did
    every exercise and step-by-step at least once. Along with
    that, most areas I read in Kalani lead to long meanderings
    through MSDN and other sites on the topics and still MS
    made that exam look pretty foreign.
    ----70-320 -----end ---------------------------------

    -------70-315-------being ----------------------------
    Programming C# (O'Reilly)
    Microsoft self-paced training kit
    Online MSDN - This is very helpful. you need to walk thru
    all the important class members and tips.
    > Programming C# (O'Reilly)

    This book by Jesse Liberty is simply awesome for people
    who want to
    learn the C# language itself. Unfortunately, many people
    who study for
    certification don't understand that there's a lot more to
    C# than what
    is covered on the tests. This book is very good at
    explaining the OOP
    aspects of C#, and the more advanced aspects of the

    > Microsoft self-paced training kit

    This is best for people who can easily remember what they
    read. I
    personally like the Kalani Training Guides because they
    give me lots of
    small step-by-step examples. This helps me retain the info
    better. I'm
    a slow learner in some ways.

    > Online MSDN - This is very helpful. you need to walk

    > all the important class members and tips.

    This is a great resource, but it's got a huge scope! It's
    easy to go in
    looking for one thing, and get sidetracked into learning a
    lot of other
    things. I've spent hours in MSDN sometimes. My wife
    doesn't like me
    going to the MSDN site in the evening :-(

    > Test:
    > Microsoft sample self test

    These are very challenging, and they're more up-to-date
    than the actual
    tests. They're a good way to learn, but may not line up
    too well with
    the actual tests.

    > Transender ( I wont suggest this because it is way over
    > expensive.)

    It is expensive, but it's good for people like me who
    learn slowly.
    This is a good resource because the questions are relevant,
    challenging, and the answers are explained - both the
    right answers and
    the wrong answers.

    One thing to notice: their are often a couple right
    answers, but one is
    considered "more right", or maybe "more efficient" than
    the other
    answers. You need to know the "almost right" answers, and
    why they
    aren't the best choice.
    --------------70-315 end -------
    --------------------70-305 begin ---------
    Mikegundeley Training Guide

    --------------------70-305 end ---------

    ------ASP.nET ---------begin-------------------------------
    BrainBench tests are totally different than the real
    ------ASP.nET ---------end---------------------------------

    III. Advertisements:

    1. can trade the following:

    (ebook)-70-315 MCSD MCAD -- Develop & Implement Web Apps
    with C#.pdf
    (ebook) O'Reilly - Programming C# 2nd Edition.pdf

    2. test vouchers for $10 LESS, NO TAX, FROM AMAZON

    3. 07/13/2004 - Visual CertExam Sofware released Visual
    CertExam Suite

    07/13/2004 - Visual CertExam Sofware released Visual
    CertExam Suite
    1.0, a test engine designed specifically for certification

    Visual CertExam Suite is a test engine designed
    specifically for
    certification exam preparation. It lets you create, edit
    and take
    practice exams in an environment very similar to the real
    exam. Visual
    CertExam Suite includes two applications: Visual CertExam
    Designer and
    Visual CertExam Manager.

    Visual CertExam Designer allows you to create and edit
    your own
    professional practice exams. It is designed, first of all,
    for authors
    involved in practice exam development. The application
    supports most
    of the question types used in certification exams and
    allows you to
    work on an exam using the intuitive user interface.
    Besides, the
    question preview feature lets the author see exactly how
    the question
    will appear during the examination.

    Visual CertExam Manager is designed for taking exams
    created with
    Visual CertExam Designer. The application interface
    provides the most
    realistic simulation of the real certification exam.
    examination mode settings (which can be password-protected
    unauthorized change) make it possible to use Visual
    CertExam Manager
    not only for self-preparation, but also for giving
    practice exams to
    students in classrooms.

    Visual CertExam Suite primary features:

    - The most realistic certification exam simulation.
    - You can work with most of the question types used in
    exams (Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Select and
    Place, Point and
    Shot, Hot Area, Create a Tree, Build List and Reorder,
    Drop and
    - Ability to create a case study based exams.
    - The question preview feature allows the author see
    exactly how a
    question will appear during an examination.
    - Supports question text formatting, including bullets,
    numbering and
    - All exam data (including images) is stored in a single
    file that
    simplifies copying and distribution of created exams.
    - Ability to work in a local network using file sharing.
    - You can set a password for opening an exam file in
    Visual CertExam
    Designer to prevent unauthorized copying, editing and
    printing of the
    exam data.

    4. Training centers in India

    5. http://www.getcertify4less.com/microsoft.asp

    IV. Model questions:
    Q: You want to enable tracing in ASP.Net application. The
    application recide at the following URL
    http://srv01/app1/. you want to access the tracing
    information from your browser in your office. Which one of
    the follwing action should you take to add tracing the

    A. Add the following to the web.config
    <trace enabled="true" localonly="false">
    B. Add the following to the web.config
    <trace enabled="true" localonly="false"
    C. Add the following to the web.config
    <trace enabled="true" localonly="false"
    D. Add the following to the applications Logon.aspx file.
    <%@Pgae Trace="True" %>

    The correct answer suggested by the publisher is 'C'. But,
    I think it should be 'B'. In one way they both are true.
    Either you view it by browsing trace.axd or on the same
    page you looking at you are using a browser to view it.
    But, since they are not mentioning anything about
    trace.axd (Or a 3rd file name at all), I think what they
    meant it to view at the bottom of the page you are
    currently browsing for which you have to set
    the "pageOutput" to "true", hence answer B. Any other
    Vijay, Jul 23, 2004
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