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  1. Jimbo

    Jimbo Guest

    Hi, ,

    I have just been looking at JAP and have a question for you.

    As I understand it JAP offers encryption from my computer through their mix
    servers until the Internet is reached and then back from the Internet to
    their mix servers and back to me. JAP also hides the dynamic IP address.

    Now I realise this is a stupid question, but according to the website:

    "Can my service provider determine where I surf?
    No! An encrypted channel is set up between JAP and the JAP servers, over
    which your data is sent. All data requests in the browser which leave or
    arrive at your computer are therefore encrypted."


    "On installation of JAP, the user already configured the web browser so that
    each packet of data sent goes through JAP instead of directly to the
    internet. JAP encrypts the data and sends it to the first mix station. The
    first mix station then mixes the data with that of other users and sends it
    to the second mix station which passes it on to the third mix station which
    decrypts and sends the data through a cache proxy to the internet."

    Does this then mean that the ISP cannot see the URL of the website's visited
    but can see the information sent from JAP to the Internet and then from the
    Internet back to JAP (since it is unencrypted)?

    Jimbo, May 3, 2004
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