Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Dan, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I got an e-mail from the executive producer of this film, Michael
    Skolnik. He asked me to help promote the release of this DVD. In the
    e-mail he says:

    "I am manufacturing a very small run of DVDs that we are selling
    exclusively through our website, http://www.jhhthefilm.com or
    As we have next to no money for marketing and publicity, we are counting
    on those who have respect Danny's work in the past to help us get the
    word out to his fans that the film is now available."

    I had never seen this film or caught his live show, but I do own the CD
    and it is really good. I'm also a huge fan of his other film
    "Whiteboyz," hopefully that'll get released on DVD soon. Even though
    Michael didn't work on "Whiteboyz" I will be returning an e-mail to him
    about its eventual DVD release. I'll post on here if he knows anything.

    Also included in the e-mail, was a note from Danny himself.

    A Message from Danny Hoch:

    Peace All,

    I've got some exciting news to share amidst all the craziness happening
    these days. After much hardship, threats, censorship, unnecessary legal
    battles and exasperation, my film "Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop" shot on
    location in New York, LA & Havana is now available on DVD. The few of
    you who have seen it during its brief appearance in theaters during the
    month after Sept 11, know that this film is still timely, and that the
    issues addressed in the film, such as U.S. militarism, police brutality,
    racism, the prison industry, media collusion, etc.; none of these
    situations have ended, in fact they have only worsened.

    As we are all working in our individual and collective ways for peace
    and justice in this world, I ask that you please support this film in
    its uncensored (finally viewable) form, by purchasing it, and urging
    your friends, colleagues and comrades to purchase it and share it with
    as many people as possible. Many professors and teachers in High Schools
    and Universities have requested it, so have several community based
    organizations, Hip-Hop youth groups, and of course the Office Of
    Homeland Security already has it. I hope they enjoy it too.

    I promise that none of the money you spend on this film will go to any
    corporation (except maybe amazon.com- depending on how you purchase it),
    as the film is being distributed independently by the brave producer at
    Soze Productions who has fought tirelessly to get this film out, and
    continues to produce media projects that challenge, provoke, educate and
    broadcast the realities of the voiceless.

    Many of you who have asked me about this film over the past few years
    have received a reply of hopeless uncertainty as myself and the film
    have struggled through...well, a lot. It's taken me this long to tell
    you anything definitive, and that is: THE FILM IS OUT YA'LL! Please
    support it however you can.

    In sincerest thanks and nuff solidarity in these challenging times,

    Danny Hoch

    For more info check out:

    AOL IM - Dango727
    Yahoo! - dango727
    Dan, Oct 15, 2004
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