Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Alan Smithey, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Alan Smithey

    Alan Smithey Guest

    Does Ipix still has a fee associated with every file you save?

    Is ther anything else about Ipix I should know before I get into it?

    Alan S
    Alan Smithey, Dec 3, 2004
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  2. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Hi Alan,

    Have a great holiday season!

    Yes, iPix is still charging every pano you create.
    There are only a couple of things you would be aware before you are
    using iPix.
    1. It can only stitch spherical panorama
    2. you cannot save the output into any popular format except ipix's
    3. you will have to wait long before stitching completes.
    4. you have to pay annually and additionally to take of ipix's logo on
    your panorama.

    I hope this table will help you learn more about difference bwtween
    ipix and Easypano.

    Software Panoweaver Ipix
    Panorama type Spherical panorama &
    Cubic panorama Spherical panorama
    Publish panorama as PTviewer Yes Yes

    Publish panorama as QTVR Yes Yes
    Publish panorama as MGI Livepicture Yes No
    Publish panorama as VRML Yes No
    Customize ceiling and floor Yes. Freely customize the ceiling and
    floor logo. Yes, but need negotiate with Ipix.
    Import stitched panoramas and republish Yes Yes
    Customize toolbar and waiting image Yes No
    Set angle of view Yes Yes
    Stitching time Less than one minute About 10 minutes
    Format of panoramic image General format, such as jpg, bmp, psd, etc
    Particular Ipix format
    Key fee Pay once for all Annual fee and charge for each tour

    Easypano's products are user-friendly. So I think you should have a try
    on it. Anyway, Easypano provide free trial version. You can have a free
    trial download here:

    Also, if you think making panoramas with Easypano's Panoweaver is lots
    of fun, you can also try its Tourweaver. Tourweaver will help you make
    a virtual tour of all the panoramas you have created. And you may
    either send'n'share your vt, or you may keep it as an exe file on your
    Here's more info about Easypano:
    Alan, wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2005!

    Sophie, Dec 29, 2004
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  3. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    To add a quick note, Alan, if you wish to make virtual tours based on
    the panoramic images you have created either by ipix or by panoweaver,
    we invite you to try our Tourweaver as well.
    You may see how many things Easypano can do but ipix can't. See table

    Interactive map Yes No
    Radar scanning effect Yes No
    Slideshow Yes No
    Thumbnail Yes No
    Text Yes No
    Link Yes No
    Audio Yes No
    Remove developer's logo Yes No
    Customized skin Yes No
    Display still image, cylindrical panorama and one shot panorama Yes No
    Warmest regards,
    Sophie, Dec 29, 2004
  4. Guest

    Are you sure about the license. I noticed this from a web site:

    Sep 2003:

    ....For others, we have for two years now sold an unlimited seat
    license. This annual license allows for an unlimited number of images
    to be published. With our product lunch in 2004, we will introduce
    additional models....


    I went to the ipix InfoMedia site a few minutes ago and I see Annual
    licenses there.

    I haven't fully compared features and output formats, but iPIX can
    output for Macromedia for example.
    I really just wanted to comment on the licenses.
    , Dec 31, 2004
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