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  1. Mike Easter

    Mike Easter Guest

    Internet access and IDServe problem

    - Connectivity: Motorola SB4100 cable modem to TimeWarner
    infrastructure, dynamic IP
    - Provider: EarthLink - present IP rDNS
    - LAN: recent AirLink AR325W wirelessG 4 port ethernet router
    replacing Linksys BEFSR41 wired router, died
    - LAN elements: 3 ethernet wired running various operating systems
    half Win98se, half linux mostly ubuntu, one wireless Win98se with
    RealTek RTL8185 wireless pci nic branded as compusa wireless G pci
    adapter, alternately configured to access an AirLink AP421W ethernet
    access point or the AR325W wireless via channel 11 or 6 resp.

    Problem: since replacing the linksys befsr with the airlink 325 router,
    the wireless W98 cannot get webpages with its browser/s, however, it can
    see and transact readwrite with the other computers on the network, it
    can ping the WAN IPs, it can resolve and ping domainnames, but it cannot
    'transact' with them.

    Longer story: The W98se wireless could previously access the internet
    fine via the AirLink AP which was ethernetted to the Linksys BEFSR41.
    The 3rd time the linksys died, it couldn't be seen at and so
    it couldn't be firmware flashed again as it had before, so I replaced it
    with the airlink325 which was on sale at Fry's for $20. Because there
    were some problems with the airlink's DNS configurability, I flash
    upgraded its firmware. Before I did that the routere was working and
    providing logs to my WallWatcher software, but after the flash it didn't
    provide logs anymore. So I exchanged the flashed airlink router with
    another with the old firmware and chose to manage my DNS 'problem' from
    the each computer's network configuration instead of with the router's
    dns config.

    What I was trying to do with the DNS was to use opendns instead of the
    DHCP derived DNS. The EL dhcp dns behaves with advertisements for names
    that don't resolve. So does opendns, but opendns does it differently
    and has several advantages rather than just ads. The linksys router
    could use configured opendns primary and secondary dns, whereas the
    airlink can store the information, but still just uses the dhcp and just
    shows that in its status.

    Currently the wireless problem computer can do everything equally well
    or equally poorly via the airlink ethernet access point or the airlink
    wireless router, namely use the LAN and ping and resolve names on the
    internet, but not get webpages and not get idservice from the same names
    it can ping. There is no software firewall.

    Normal computer follows:

    Initiating server query ...
    Looking up IP address for domain:
    The IP address for the domain is:
    Connecting to the server on standard HTTP port: 80
    [Connected] Requesting the server's default page.
    The server returned the following response headers:
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Cache-Control: private
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    expires=Sun, 17-Jan-2038 19:14:07 GMT; path=/;
    Content-Encoding: gzip
    Server: GWS/2.1
    Content-Length: 2523
    Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 19:47:23 GMT
    Query complete.

    Problem computer follows:

    12/16/06 11:32:18 ping
    Ping ( ...
    1 Addr:, RTT: 87ms, TTL: 237
    2 Addr:, RTT: 86ms, TTL: 237
    3 Addr:, RTT: 87ms, TTL: 237

    Initiating server query ...
    Looking up IP address for domain:
    The IP address for the domain is:
    Connecting to the server on standard HTTP port: 80
    No response was received from the machine and port at that IP. The
    machine may be offline or the connection port may be stealthed.
    Query complete.

    As a result of that, I can't get webpages. I also can't telnet or
    IDServe transact with such as the pop or smtp server, but I can ping
    them by name.

    Mike Easter
    Mike Easter, Dec 16, 2006
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