Integrad DPS 10.5 DVD Player Review

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    From the September issue of

    Integra DPS-10.5

    With the advent of high-quality universal players, the need for dedicated
    CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and DVD players is a thing of the past. Equipment racks
    around the world gave a sigh of relief and those people out there who were
    fretting over the DVD-Audio/SACD format war could rest easy, knowing they
    can have both formats at their fingertips in one single player. Integra has
    a very nice lineup of universal players for all budgets, with the crowning
    jewel in their roster being the $2,500 DPS-10.5 THX Ultra certified
    universal player.

    Anyone who scoffs at the price of this universal player compared to the
    lower-priced players they see advertised by electronics megastores in the
    Sunday newspapers need to hold this it to see that it¹s in a whole different
    stratosphere of quality. One look at the front panel of the DPS-10.5 tells
    you that you are dealing with some serious playback hardware. Embossed
    DVD-Audio and SACD logos sit side by side underneath the disc tray. Along
    the bottom left side of the player are white logos from DTS, Dolby Digital,
    HDMI, OPlus FlexScaling, VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) and THX
    Ultra certification. The solid aluminum frame and brass feet of the
    DPS-10.5, along with its internal high current toroidal transformer and
    generous power supply, give the player a hefty weight of 26.7 pounds and
    help isolate it from vibrations. The DPS-10.5 features Wolfson 192
    kHz/24-Bit Audio DACs and separate internal power supplies for audio and
    video elements. Silicon Image Deinterlacing takes interlaced signals and
    converts them to progressive for flicker-free images, corrects errors on the
    DVD, and reduces scan lines and motion-interlacing artifacts. A system
    Integra calls ³Dual Direct Digital² is incorporated in the player, with
    high-purity heavy-gauge shielded internal cables that can output DTS, PCM
    and Dolby Digital, while simultaneously sending out a down-mixed stereo PCM
    version to another location, perfect for multi-zone set-ups.

    Besides the obvious playback formats that you¹d expect from a quality
    universal player, the DPS-10.5 can play back MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 format 44.1
    or 48 kHz fixed-bit rate MP3 files from a disc. It can also read a disc full
    of JPEGs, so if you are jonesing to show off pictures from your last
    vacation to your friends and family on the big-screen TV, you can show any
    ..jpg or .jpeg file as long as it is less than five MB in size. Video CD and
    DVD-VR are also supported formats on the DPS-10.5.

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    Naitze Teng, Sep 2, 2005
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