incredible strength using your own built exerciser

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by philippe, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. philippe

    philippe Guest


    For six months while in colledge I became a competition weight lifter. When
    my strength limit was reached; Our coach would make us do only isometric
    exercises for a couple of weeks. It did work most of the time. The weight
    that I had so much difficulty with before, I could usually lift with ease
    and usually bypass it by about ten pounds

    after those two weeks. Of course I didn't become a world champion, but after
    only six months of training I suceeded to be the second best weight lifter
    in my catogary

    in our New Brunswick Province.

    I know for a fact that would have been absolutely impossible to achived
    without the help of isometric exercises. I was sold and to this day I still
    do those easy and efficient exercises.

    The reaon why it works is simple: Remember the story of the farm boy who
    started lifting a young calf on his shoulders every day, and after a few
    years the calf became

    a full grown bull over a thousand pounds and our farm boy could still lift
    the full grown bull on his shoulders. He became one of the strongest man in
    the world. Well with isomeric exercises you are using the same principle,
    you always use maximum pressure or pull on the exerciser while doing the
    exercises. The next day you do the

    same exercises, you are slightly stronger than the previous time you did
    them, and on and on it goes every day. After a few weeks you start feeling
    stronger already.

    You can even double your physical stength in a record time. You must always
    use your maximum strength every time. Do not over do it and pop veins in
    your eyes;

    but give it your best!

    Anyway, if you want to develop only muscles; Go ahead use your 10 pounds
    weigts and make a lot of reps. But if you want to get strong you have to use

    force! Thats why isometric exercises works. The muscles you will develop
    with isometric exercises will be stronger and will stay longer; like a

    type of hard strong muscles. By the way you can still go on doing your
    regular exercises. I don't recall any of us ever getting hurt doing those
    type of exercises, since

    you are putting pressure against an unmoving object; you dont get tired and
    your muscles don't hurt after each workout like regular exercises. You just
    feel a flow of

    energy going through your entire body plus you feel strong and you increase
    your strenght to a maximum in a much shorter time than with regular

    Why asiatic people know that fact, but most people in North America don't,
    baffle me to this day! To make a long story short is; I devised an easy to
    built isometric

    board that I use every day, and I want to share it with you. For a modest
    sum of 20 dollars Us or 25 Canadian I will send you a drawing showing you
    how to easily construct your own exerciser. If you are a bit of a handyman
    it will take you about twenty minutes to construct it. The drawing is clear
    and easy to understand. Its real easy to built, Its new and could actually
    be patented. I don't really care or worry if its a new idea anymore! I get
    so much benifits from using the board that I want to share it with you.

    I recommend that you construct it as per my drawing and enjoy your new
    Isometric exerciser. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the results. I
    even give you the permission to make and sell the board yourself if that's
    what you prefer to do. ( If interested send your money order to the address
    below.) I will mail you all the required instructions on how to construct
    and use that simple and efficient exerciser. If you use it as per my
    instructions; you will

    not believe how easy it is to become stronger or even the strongest dude in
    your area. (you can even keep it a secret!) Note: baby boomers are also
    allowed to use it.

    I'm one of them! Please be sure to include your proper mailing address

    Enjoy your new exerciser,

    Rodolphe Cote

    12449 Primat Pare Ave.

    Montreal, Quebec,
    philippe, Aug 8, 2004
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  2. philippe

    ICee Guest

    Re: incredible strength using your own brain cell

    philippe wrote:
    (you can even keep it a secret!)

    What, your email address?

    > Rodolphe Cote
    > 12449 Primat Pare Ave.
    > Montreal, Quebec,

    ICee, Aug 8, 2004
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  3. philippe

    Rodolphe Cote

    Apr 23, 2010
    re incredible strength using your own built exerciser

    I do not sell that isometric exerciser anymore. for isometric exercise you can use any object, even exert force against your own body, the steering wheel of your car while in a traffic jam. The isometric board is OK, but I don't want anyone to spend money on it. If you want a free drawing of it I will redraw it, and send you a copy of it by e mail for free. I still use mine, but like I say you can use any object to do isometric exercises. Isometric racks though should be a standard part of a gym. It would be great to have them. My website is and my e mail is email] merry Christmas to all and happy new year, I wish you all plenty of health, and good jobs for the up coming new year. Hoping that this economic situation improves during this up coming new year.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2010
    Rodolphe Cote, Dec 25, 2010
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