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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by David Seaman, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. David Seaman

    David Seaman Guest

    Just wanted to share my recent experience with Sony's
    service. After buying the Canon A70 I spoke of the other day, I
    searched around for a good place to backup/store my photos on the Web.

    I still kind of miss PhotoPoint (does anyone else remember that
    service?) which offered a good looking web site and the ability to
    store/access your images in their ORIGINAL size. This is extremely
    useful for working on photos from different computer terminals (at
    home and work for example).

    I was going to use my old Pbase account for my new digital camera
    photos, but I was looking for a service with solid click-to-order
    print type services as well.

    I've heard about IS from users in my photography forums, but I had
    never bothered to sign up until yesterday. I'm glad I did. They offer
    unlimited space and you can click on your images to view the original,
    (as far as I can tell) uncompressed images. I have upwards of 200MB of
    photos on their site now, hope to have 1GB or so on there eventually.
    Also, their 4x6 prints are $0.39 each, which is ten cents less than my
    regular favorite photo processor (Shutterfly). I'm going to order a
    few and report back to this thread on the image quality once they

    I am not an employee or affiliate of Sony Electronics, nor do I have a
    financial interest in that company or their ImageStation service. I
    just thought that I should tell everyone here about my positive
    experience. It was a pleasant surprise to see Sony, a company that
    (sometimes) overprices its products, offering a great storage service
    for free.

    On the downside, however, their attempt at having people comment on
    other people's photos seemed a bit flawed in its current state. I
    mean, the system is easy to use for leaving comments on photos, but so
    far nobody over there has left me comments on any of my albums.
    Surely, Sony gets enough traffic to have lots of comments on
    everyone's albums if they wanted. But, unfortunately, their service
    requires people to login (i.e. sign up with ImageStation) before they
    can view and comment on albums. I'm sure that discourages a lot of
    people from leaving comments. They should offer a "guest comment"
    feature as Pbase does. I'm hoping.

    Maybe this rambling has been useful for some of you,

    David, Co-Founder
    David Seaman, Jul 14, 2003
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  2. John Navas

    John Navas Guest


    In <> on 13 Jul 2003 18:24:07
    -0700, (David Seaman) wrote:


    I likewise use and recommend ImageStation.

    Best regards,
    John Navas <>
    [PLEASE NOTE: Ads belong only in,
    not discussion groups, as per <>]
    John Navas, Jul 15, 2003
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