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    this is a summary of the problem of things I ran into while
    successfully finding how to combine subtitles into a video..

    somebody had used a great site called overstream , where you provide
    it with a link to a video on say youtube, and then you write subtitles
    for it.. It stores them separately and shows the video with subtitles.
    The subtitles are stored as a standard format, SRT.

    You can get separate programs to create subtitles , these can be
    combined into videos.
    One could use overstream to create the subtitles , it has the option
    to export the SRT file.

    some programs to create the subtitle files.. are Subtitleworkshop,
    and Sub Station Alpha.
    subtitle workshop . Subtitle workshop supports SRT and SSA, so is
    good for converting between them. Sub Station Alpha I find a bit
    easier to use,, I can change the font.. but does not support SRT. I
    didn't actually need to create subtitles.. the person I looked into
    this for, used overstream to create them.

    The thing was though, this person wanted to actually host the
    subtitled video to youtube.. So they could find it from the youtube
    site.. At the time they could only view it through the overstream
    site. So an option was to combine the subtitles into the video..
    Another option was to record the screen.
    Regarding combining subtitles into the video.

    Once one has the SRT file,

    if you go to to the screen where you put the
    subtitles in the videos. There is a menu that says Tools
    Bottom right hand corner of that window says Options,Tools
    and you can export the file.. I think it's ab .srt file infact, not
    an ssa file.

    These are notes to a similarly minded techie..
    Just containing a dump of all my findings..

    I used

    You may want the flv input plugin
    FLV Input Plugin - An input plugin for VirtualDub that allows it to
    open FLV files.. You extract the zip to the plugins subdirectory
    within virtualdub\plugins.
    ( )

    How to add permanent subtitle to a video with virtualdubmod

    install divx - I think this will then list the divx option in

    in virtualdub, do video..full processing mode. (not sure what diff
    that makes)

    in virtualdub
    do video...compression...divx 6.8.3 codec (1 logical cpu)
    (I found that particular divx worked and the other when I tried it-
    didn't.. I just got sound and no image, a bit like i get with SUPER by
    eRightSoft, and divx)

    The file won't be that much bigger than how big the it is on youtube,
    youtube uses flv files, very compressed.

    once you choose divx, that affects how it saves as an AVI when you
    come to do file..SaveAs AVI

    in virtualdub, open the video file video
    Then add and "load" the subtitle filter.
    extract one of those zips anywhere. like \useful4vdub\subtitler-2_4

    you can then do virtualdub - video..filters..add...load , and point it
    to it. And once loaded.. You can give it the filename of your subtitle
    file used by overstream. .srt file

    Then file..SaveAs AVI

    That was all very terse.. I will elaborate on anything. Let me know
    how it goes

    note- Not so relevant, but other weirdies i ran into were Sub Station
    Alpha / ssa, subtitleworkshop. perhaps useful for converting between
    srt, ssa. SSA was good for making my subtitles in the demo, and
    increasing their font size. I could then convert them to srt..

    (also not so relevant to you)
    another was.. for the alternative of just recording the screen while
    watching the subtited overstream video.. That didn't get sound though.
    Easy Screen Capture Video - 30 day trial.

    other vaguely related progs are
    AoA Audio Extractor, for getting sound from an AVI.. and DubIt may be
    able to put it in from a file.

    I was actually listening to something when putting this here..
    But that\s fine.. I don't think this will be useful to that many
    people anyway!
    , Jun 12, 2008
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    On Jun 12, 6:51 pm, ""
    <> wrote:
    > this is a summary of the problem of things I ran into while
    > successfully finding how to combine subtitles into a video..

    I wasn't clear.. this isn't a problem post at all. it's the solution
    to some issues related to subtitling videos..

    I will add..

    This link-
    how to add permanent subtitles ..
    vobsub, and divx codec

    not sure if vobsub did anything for me.. I didn't check the virtualdub
    option.. And I used one of these subtitle filters

    I ran into these 2 links (a useful forum, I
    have seen it mentioned before. I reckon It had something on SUPER by
    eRightSoft. And the site had a download for it I think) (on
    extracting sound)

    Easy Screen Capture, I think is a trial based on the number of times
    you open and close the program.
    2 important options.. very easy to find because there aren't many
    options so aren't many to try.
    region..fixed (draw a rectangle to choose the size of
    the recording area) options... (push the quality slide bar far as possible,
    that's to 100 - that's highest quality)

    That saves an AVI, but the avi is silent.

    videodub , besides being able to combine subtitles into a video. And
    compress.. It can Take the audio from a video( wav).
    And it can replace/put audio into a video.
    e.g. Opened the silent one.. then.
    audio...add audio from file.. blah.flv or blah.mp3

    you would want. the flv addition, the divx addition,
    divx is very important for compression. Else files are massive.
    A 20MB flv file might be 180MB if saved as an avi and not e.g. a divx
    compressed.avi. But like with no compression at all.

    and for what was discussed earlier.. the ombining subtitles into it if
    they are in a separate file.. one may want vobsub, and , as I did,
    got one of the subtitle filters.

    Somebody had put a video on overstream. He managed the video and I
    couldn't contact him to get the subtitle file..
    That is why rather than do the method of combining subtitle file with
    video file. I did the method of recording the screen - which has
    subtitles. (and then restoring the original sound - otherwise it's

    On a related note..
    virtualdub is clearly good.. audacity is too, quite a different
    I have used audacity to record sound coming out of speakers before it
    comes out.. (see below the ====)

    note- a little program that might convert flv to avi
    actually somebody found it at this link
    It looks ok
    Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter 1.1
    has 37 reviews listed there, some happy, some not. Small program. Prob
    no spyware.
    (though i often use SUPER by eRightSoft, or would try youconvertit,

    It came up in the subtitle context, it was useful for somebody that is
    considering doing subtitles in windows movie maker instead.. So wants
    to get videos off youtube. Into a format he can open.

    ---to record sound that comes out speakers---
    you could use a program like "Total Recorder"(there may be a free
    equivalent), or Audacity(is free!), to record the sound that comes
    out the speakers before it comes out the speakers. i.e. can unplug
    To record that. Try (to test) - (you may
    have to choose a different "mixer device" from the drop down menu)
    check sterio mix or mono mix. Select it so it is the input source.
    Put that volume up.

    play something. video/audio. something with sound.
    click record in sndrec32.exe
    check for a response in the wave pictured in sndrec32.exe
    That means that is set up right..

    if that fails.. something deeper is wrong.
    ctrl panel..sound and audio devices..
    look at those 2 tabs, audio and voice. piddle with those.

    if you can get sndrec32.exe and sndvol32.exe working, you shoudl be
    able to get audacity working..
    In audacity - choosing sterio mix, and hitting record.
    , Jun 13, 2008
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