How to choose suitable broadband product

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  1. How to choose suitable broadband product

    We like Internet! And we like broadband! It’s fast. And do you like
    FREE broadband?

    Let me introduce some information about broadband and broadband
    providers in UK. If you already have one, don’t skip this article. If
    your contract is about to end soon, or has lasted over the contract
    length, you can switch to a better provider and better deal. It’s not
    a troublesome thing. Click HERE to see how to switch.

    There are several types of broadband in UK:
    1.ADSL Broadband
    2.Cable Broadband
    3.Wireless Broadband

    For home use, the main types are ADSL broadband and Cable broadband.

    Almost all broadband ISP in UK provides ADSL broadband, for example
    BT, AOL, Tiscali. There are scores, even hundreds of broadband ISPs in
    UK today. But only a few provides cable broadband, the most famous is
    Virgin Media. It’s previously Telewest and NTL. They merged into one
    company and then rename to Virgin Media.

    If you don’t have phone line and don’t need one, cable broadband is
    cheaper because you don’t need to pay for the phone line rental fee.
    The problem for cable broadband is it’s not available everywhere. You
    must check the cable broadband availability (click here) in advance.

    I think most houses have a phone line. And you have to pay at least
    10.5 pounds a month for line rental. Fortunately, lots of ISPs offer
    phone bundles for cheaper price. Another advantage of choosing ADSL is
    because you can have more choices.

    Today, most broadband deals have a speed of 8Mb. But there is a
    connection ratio. It’s usually 50:1 for home broadband. That means you
    may share the bandwidth with 49 people at most for your bandwidth, for
    example 8Mb. So, even it’s 8Mb, you may feel not so fast as you think.
    Now, the fastest broadband is the broadband deal from Be broadband.
    It’s 24Mbps. And Virgin Medai has 20Mbps broadband deals. SKY also
    provides 16Mbps broadband.

    The price may vary a lot for different tariff and deals. In spite of
    the free broadband, the cheapest broadband is less than 10 pounds a
    month, though 1Mbspeed is a little bit slow.

    I suggest you don’t put so many time comparing the price for single
    broadband products. Check the packages more carefully. Some ISPs offer
    really nice packages. BT, Talktalk, Tiscali, Plusnet etc. all provide
    bundles including line rental, phone package and broadband service.

    Have you heard of free broadband? It’s also a package of several
    products. If you purchased some others, you get a free broadband. For
    example, if you signed a mobile phone contract with Orange for over 30
    pounds a month, you can get the Orange broadband starter. And SKY also
    offers such free broadband. You can get free broadband basic if you
    buy SKY TV package.

    Many providers like BT set a cap on the monthly usage. To some people
    broadband with limited usage is not acceptable. There are almost
    unlimited numbers of movies, software, games and music out there all
    just a few mouse clicks away. And if you use over the limit, you will
    be charged extra money for your usage over the limit. So if you make
    lots of downloading and uploading, unlimited broadband can save you a

    Yes, unlimited broadband usage is fantastic! But not everyone needs an
    unlimited broadband. You need to think you do most online before you
    decide which offer to choose. If what you do most is browsing web
    pages, 4Gb is almost enough. 10Gb monthly usage is far than enough.

    Now, more and more broadband ISPs are providing broadband products
    with unlimited usage, leading to the price going down. You can see
    some fantastic deals with cheap price.

    In general, broadband ISPs in UK keep a high service level. According
    to a survey from an authoritative web site, PlusNet got highest
    customer satisfaction in all UK broadband ISPs. Virgin Media,AOL,SKY
    are all in the second place. The fifth is Tiscali. And BT is not in
    the top five broadband ISPs in UK. So, it’s not the case that big
    company provides better service.

    Well, I suggest you choose broadband deals according your requirement
    to speed, monthly usage and your budget. High speed, or low cost or
    believing in big company, it’s upon your decision.

    And this is a good site I think have lots of information about
    broadband ISPs and deals - You can also
    check the availability of a broadband ISP in your area. You can also
    search, compare and choose, very convenient.

    You can compare free deals, fastest deals, free connection deals,
    unlimited deals and free wireless broadband deals etc.
    free-broadband, Aug 30, 2007
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  2. *alan*

    *alan* Guest

    [advertisement totally snipped]

    Does anyone remember when **"products"** were tangible, material objects
    like shoes, cars, computers, etc. and **"services"** was considered the word
    to use for things like broadband, banking, pest control, and so on?
    *alan*, Aug 31, 2007
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