How much space does Windows need?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by DerekS, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. DerekS

    DerekS Guest


    I'm partitioning a new drive and wonder what the best size would be for the
    partition that will hold Windows Vista and all my other applications. Any
    ideas please?

    DerekS, Aug 24, 2008
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  2. DerekS

    saycheez Guest

    A Vista installation can easily expand to 20gbs.
    Only you can estimate what you need for programs.
    A minimum 60gbs seems about right for a Vista installation. The Vista drive
    needs room for a paging file as well (Microsoft recommends this be on the
    same drive as the OS).
    Clearly this represents an astounding amount of operating system bloat.
    I use Vista on some computers but would not recommend anyone use it who does
    not have to do so--meaning it was foisted on them preinstalled on a consumer
    box. The 64 bit version should be avoided more than the 32 bit for ordinary
    users, although the 64 bit version now comes loaded on low end laptops at
    places like Costco (I would love to know how many of these are returned to
    the seller!). No one should "upgrade" a stable XP installation to
    Vista--install Vista in a dual boot set-up and migrate to it if you decide
    you like it.
    Vista is much slower than XP across the board both in disc access and
    because of useless crud like the UAC which does nothing real for security
    except ask you endlessly if you really want to do what you just told the OS
    to do. One excuse given for Vista's slow disc access and file transfers is
    that Vista does not tell the user the file operation is complete until it
    has been verified whereas XP releases the OS for use before verification.
    Even if true the end result is that XP performs the same operation faster
    from the user's experience.
    Vista Networking is horrible with multiple arcane and undocumented sub-menus
    required to set permissions for ordinary file sharing if you use anything
    except the "public" folder, a concept that works for no one with any real
    need to network computers for real life business applications.
    There is a reason why Intel, the Federal government and the majority of
    businesses refuse to use Vista. These include ridiculous hardware
    requirements to run the OS but which are over-kill for business applications
    but also the problematic networking built into Vista. Many custom business
    programs, which use specific data base servers, are not compatible with
    Vista but are perfectly serviceable--how Microsoft could have neglected that
    issue is inexplicable.
    Microsoft finally gets it and can not get Windows 7 out the door fast
    saycheez, Aug 24, 2008
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  3. DerekS

    HLS Guest

    "DerekS" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > I'm partitioning a new drive and wonder what the best size would be for
    > the partition that will hold Windows Vista and all my other applications.
    > Any ideas please?
    > Derek.

    I would agree with the other posters. Why worry with Vista when it is
    compared with previous Windows versions? Legacy software and hardware may
    well not
    work with Vista.

    If you must have it for some reason, dual boot.
    HLS, Aug 28, 2008
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