Historical Significant Internet Communications Technology:PSTN quality NextGen TCP/IP

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    Historical Significant Internet Communications Technology:pSTN quality
    NextGen TCP/IP

    Seattle News, Washington (WA), WA - Feb 3, 2005


    Historical Significant Internet Communications Technology BreakThrough
    : Immediate PSTN tranmsmission quality Next Generations TCP, not
    needing cumbersome QoS/ MPLS etc

    Visit http://iwxchange.com to freely download for research purposes.

    Microsoft, Cisco, IETF included will be very surprised 'good old '
    Internet's underlying TCP/IP protocol itself can now more successfully
    do for PSTN quality VoIP / Multimedia instead of current QoS/MPLS
    cumbersome attempts.

    Dr Bob Kahn had somehow perhaps foreseen something like this in his
    recent interview: ' ...something far bigger than existing Internet may
    jiust as easily again emerge ...just like Internet itself
    originally...from totally unexpected quarters...

    -- Here is our NextGenTCP for all Windows platforms,
    9x/ME/NT/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003, ready for immediate production network
    uses even for this 1st version. Visit http://iwxchange.com to download

    you can easily set this up for production use on your home/ office LAN
    PCs. Its guaranteed SAFE not affecting systems in anyway whastsoever.
    Install this in your LAN/ WAN/ Proprietary Internet & immediately
    working corporate wide/ worldwide within minutes with immediate end2end
    PSTN transmissions quality among all nodes locations, not needing
    multimillion pounds & 6 months timeframe QOS/ MPLS etc for PSTN quality
    VoIP/ VideoConference

    this software can be freely distributed widely with 3 months free
    license automatic grant , expires 1 May 2005.

    NextGenTCP is like most softwares AOL...etc after someone install 1st
    time, even an arts educated office girl watching can repeat the steps
    install & use it on her own

    Right attached the concise instructions for this 1st version

    here is the only instructions most people ever needs, to convert their
    LAN/ WAN corporate networks into PSTN quality within minutes:

    Download attached files in C directory, then click on winpkflt_lite to
    install. To run NextGenTCP bring up DOS Command Prompt & type :

    C:\ NextGenTCP.exe timeout pause-interval

    ( Timeout values in ms eg 25 , 50 etc , set this value to the WAN/ LAN
    most distant locations' uncongested one way latency ie slightly more
    than half the uncongested ping's round trip's RTT ).

    Typical values of NextGenTCP.exe 15 50 works well on most systems.

    Run NextGenTCP from command prompt DOS box in each & every PCs within
    your LAN &/or WAN for immediate PSTN quality UDP traffics VoIP/
    VideoConference/ Movie Streams within your corporate network within
    minutes, not needing multi-million pounds & 6 months timeline QOS/ MPLS

    Movie streaning/ audio file streaming tested working first time on LAN
    PCs (you may want to attach 2 plug & play IP phones to test).

    Note: make sure your PCs' Ethernet settings are 10mbs half duplex, NOT
    full duplex (which turns off CSMA/ CD & introduces excessive collision
    latencies like 150ms. Anyway full duplex setting is usually allowed
    only where there are only a single PC connected to a single device)

    # # #


    Future Internet Today !
    , Feb 6, 2005
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