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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by RichA, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. RichA

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    1. Nikon D3200. Light, cheap but the best value in APS right now
    with its great 24mp sensor. $699 with a good kit lens, it's a
    2. Fuji X-E1, the cheaper version of the X-Pro1. Light, not as well-
    built as the Olympus E-5M, and focus still not nearly as fast as the
    best m4/3rds cameras. But for $900/body, a good carry-everywhere
    camera. Very nice EVF. However, I still find the bodies to be less
    robust feeling than either the Olympus E-5M or the top NEX cameras.
    The flash brackets on the NEX and the Fuji are very fragile-looking.
    3. Samsung NX20. Feels kind of cheap, ok viewfinder, glacial focus.
    But Samsung has a much better presence this time and they actually had
    people at their booth.
    4. Panasonic GH3. Excellent ergonomics (since it's the size and
    shape of a small DSLR, kind of moving away from the mirrorless small
    size mandate) very good viewfinder, no more colour smearing on
    panning. The viewfinder resolution still lags the Sony NEX 6/7 models
    and the new Fujis, however, you don't see interference effects as much
    with it as the latter. Without doubt, the fastest AF I've seen in a
    mirrorless. From 15" to near infinity, it seemed like the moment I
    touched the shutter, the AF confirm came on. For action...who knows?
    However, couldn't take any images because some "Eddie Haskell"
    wannabee decided to "ask" if he could take any. The cameras were pre-
    production. I'd have snuck a shot or two if I could have. If
    choosing this camera, you have to really consider if it makes sense
    getting it or a DSLR, however there is still as size/weight savings
    between it and something like Nikon's D600.
    5. Sony's $3000 RX1 P&S. Unknown. Only copy was under glass.
    6. Canon. Alas, no time to see it. I'll try again tomorrow.
    7. Sticker shock. Some guy finding out the $3000 RX1 has an EVF as
    an option.
    8. Lots of people around the Olympus booth because of the E-5M. New
    lenses were all there. The new 75mm is pretty compact, relatives to
    FF models.
    9. Best-looking mirrorless lenses: Olympus and Samsung.
    10. Nikon D600. More or less the D7000 body, pretty plain (if you
    are used to the complexity of past Nikon FF bodies) for a FF, but
    maybe that's a good thing for those who don't want to spend a fortune
    for one. Besides, they can still deplete their resources on the FX
    and Zeiss lenses if they want. :)
    RichA, Oct 13, 2012
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