HElett Packard cant fix my PC from 05 June 01 July still not working

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Advent, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Advent


    Jul 1, 2009
    Friday 05 June my HP Touchsmart IQ790 developed a fault. Been a weekend I arranged the unit to be collected from PC World on the Monday 8th of June due to my work commitments. The unit was repaired by the so called technicians in the Manchester area here in England . The unit was checked and passed as ok to be returned to me. Bearing in mind I use the computer for work I was without it for best part of a week.

    I collected my computer yesterday Thursday 11 June from PC World fully expecting everything to be OK.

    Eagerly I plugged the unit into the mains and went to type in my Password on the start up screen....No reaction from the Keyboard or mouse. I read the instruction manual, check batteries press the Connect on the computer press the connect on the keybord should match and work. No way....My computer according to HP has had a new motherboard fitted and all systems checked. I have the check sheet here....The Key Board is not mentioned nor is the mouse. Needless to say The Technicians at HP must be dosile and just follow a set routine when repairing computers....

    The check sheet states:-

    The scratches marked on paperwork

    Any missing parts

    Panels and Bezels fitted correctly.

    All screws in place.

    Unit BOOTS up with no run errors.

    Cd/Dvd writer copies CDR's.

    DVD's Play with sound.

    Volume Button function.

    Channel Button function

    Dvd Writer button function

    Rear Audio Ports work

    Webcam has picture

    Touch Screen responds

    Ethernet Port works

    W/Lan Connects to Network

    USB Ports work Using Mouse,

    M/Board Tattooed

    Firewall Activated

    BIOS Updated

    No Lose parts in Machine

    COA Label on unit
    Then finally Pass /Fail..... My unit passed....

    Where the hell is the Keyboard and Mouse check....?

    The first thing you need after switching on your computer is either an input from your mouse or keyboard.

    I phoned HP again and after a while I get to speak to a Technician who deducts there is a problem with my computer and it will have to be sent away to Manchester for your Technicians to sort out....

    Fault is the computer is not receiving the info from the Keyboard and mouse......

    I am Friggin fuming at Hewlett Packard here in the UK . The way I have been treat is pathetic. Their customer care is a we do not care attitude. I gave that women hell on the phone today. Why because my computer has to go back again to the so called Tecnicians in Manchester England one day this coming week. HP can not even tell me which day this computer will be picked up. All this aggro because some prat at HP failed to do a simple check on a Mouse and Keyboard before sending the unit back to me.....

    Hewett Packard I will endeavour to inform any contacts I make in the future of the problems your company / product and the Technician has placed me under. A loss of a computer with all my work contacts and details made unuseable through a very basic error will be explained to all who enquire about my failure to communicate with them.

    To prove I aint telling lies here is the registered details ot the repair done recently:-

    Repair #615441
    Cust. No HPUDR
    Repair Type BEPIWPAV
    REPAI STATUS Repaired
    Status Time 10/06/2009
    Part Number HP-KC741AA
    Serial Num CNH818000N
    Fault Code MB115-No Power or Post
    Fix Replaced Main board due to no Video and replaced IR Module due to boot issuses, 2048mem

    Engineer Name ROGO Date 10/Jun/2009
    Ram Count 2048

    By the time my computer is repaired it will be from the 5th of June 2009 untill Who knows.....? at the earliest I reckon the 18th June if I am lucky, then when it does return here what fault will there be? That is nearly two whole weeks without a computer.

    Quite Frankly I have lost faith in your company. I will never be able to say I use a Hewlett Packard computer to others with pride and tell others of the virtues of your product.

    Quite frankly your customer care service is non existent. Not one phone call from you at all to apologise. All the phone calls about this problem have been generated by myself.

    The computer was repaired for the second time I collected the PC yesterday Tuesday 30 June 09.
    Got home plugged it into the mains and switched on. The first thing I noticed was the hard has been formatted WHY?

    Input needed from the Mouse or Keyboard Yes you guessed it The PC is not receiving signals from the Mouse or Keyboard.
    HP were kind enough to send me a new Keyboard and mouse along with a USB receiver. This all works however I bought this type of PC for its features one of them was not the use of a USB dongle.

    The report states and I am quote Verbatim here...

    FAULT:-Wireless Keyboard-Looses Connection with receiver.
    P-Connect is not working T-EU Just received the unit back from repair and the connect light isnt on....

    FIX- Recovered Software due to USB driver errors. Sent out new Keyboard and mouse wireless receiver kit and tested ok.
    Unit passed all diagnostic tests....

    This morning 01 July 09 I have phoned Hewlett Packard got through to their complaints department and spoke to a Richard his only words he could say was Sorry your computer will have to go away again for Repair for the THIRD TIME IN 3 WEEKS......

    Again today my PC has to go back to Manchester for repair to fix the Wireless Receiver problem.

    My full reccomendation for anyone thinking of buying a Hewlett Packard Computer Don't even think of it.....

    Keith Lloyd

    Advent, Jul 1, 2009
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