Has anyone tried this for their gaming?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by shane, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. shane

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    PlayOnLinux is an open source Python-scripted front end that helps you install
    and play tons of Windows-only games -- and then some!
    But PlayOnLinux is much more than a front end. The program also includes bash
    scripts that will create the correct environment for a particular game and
    guide you through its installation. In addition to the 10 official scripts, you
    can enable a community repository from within PlayOnLinux, which will add
    another 50+ scripts. From the two repositories you can install games such as
    Call of Duty 2, Max Payne 2, Soldier of Fortune, and World of Warcraft.

    Along with the game scripts, PlayOnLinux packs another subset of scripts called
    WorkOnLinux that will create an installation environment for freely available
    Windows applications including Blender, Google SketchUp, Safari, and Winrar.

    Don't despair if you can't find a script for your favorite Windows-based game or
    application. Using PlayOnLinux's LiveInstall script, you can install any game
    or app and use it with all the various PlayOnLinux tools (such as WineBooster,
    WineMaster, and WineConfig) as if it had been installed with an official
    script. Once you've installed PlayOnLinux, these tools are available from
    PlayOnLinux's Tools menu.
    Even with all its nice options, PlayOnLinux has some drawbacks as well. The
    biggest is language; most of the developers are from non-English-speaking
    regions. While there is an option to switch the interface to English, some
    error messages and other bits of information haven't yet been translated. Also,
    many of the WorkonLinux scripts (such as the Safari script) take you to the
    non-English download page of the application.

    Also, most of the scripts keep looping endlessly. For example, if you've just
    installed a game using one of the PlayOnLinux scripts, it should end when
    you've decided to create a desktop shortcut for the game you just installed.
    But, irritatingly, the script loops the icon creation section and exits only
    when you ask it not to create an icon. In some scripts, like the WineGit
    script, the Cancel button doesn't exit the process, but merely skips to the
    next step.

    Yet PlayOnLinux, despite its minor peculiarities, is a good mechanism to manage
    and play Windows-based games on Linux.
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    shane, Mar 13, 2008
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