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  1. Guest two million words on new and used bikes, 1000s of
    riders' reports... at

    New Bike News


    Bits and Bobs

    Bikebandit has a huge database of new OE parts, quite interesting to
    see how much a new frame or petrol tank costs. If you want to have a
    new alloy tank built and don't mind going to Scotland, try The Tank
    Shop. 100% Biker magazine has been going for yonks, mostly custom
    orientated, loads of technical information on stuff like frame building
    if you dig around in their forums. Fans of the remarkably resilient
    Suzuki GS500E might like to have a look here. or even here. Book fans
    into old Brits could do worse than have a look at Panther Publishing,
    especially The Rugged Road. And, to get even more obscure, if you are
    in desperate need of a Desmo head for a Velocette, or even some bargain
    priced old Brit hacks, then try this one! Keep an eye on the UK bike
    insurers, Bennetts, shorty to launch their Bennetts Babes, in which
    visitors will have the chance to vote for the most attractive, er,
    babe! Not yet up to speed with hardly anything for sale, you can
    currently get a free listing at Motoyard. With approximately 200,000
    unique visitors a month to this website, don't forget to get some free
    publicity for your products or website by emailing us the details -
    nasty comments, of course, still completely free of charge!.



    Kawasaki's ZX-10R weighs just 385lbs dry and looks rather amusing in
    orange but those seats, man! And, the more I look at their ER6n the
    more I want to rip the mill out of the overdone chassis and bung it in
    a proper motorcycle.


    Number One!

    The reptiles in the world's motorcycle press have voted the Suzuki
    GSX-R1000 the International Bike of the Year, reckoning it so far ahead
    of the game that other replicas simply don't get a look-in. Second
    place, despite having no votes from the USA as it ain't on sale there,
    went to the KTM Super Duke, with the Triumph Speed Triple coming in
    third. Poor old Honda left gritting its teeth in dismay at not even
    getting close, despite the sales success of things like the CBR600.


    Big Buell

    Latest Buell a 1339cc vee-twin with 150 horses in a 365lb production
    racing chassis aimed at privateers in the USA; no doubt the odd lunatic
    will add some lights and ride it on the road! More details of the XBRR
    here. Maybe worth a look if you are veering towards the racing side of
    things motorcycle, 2 Wheel Tuner magazine. Meanwhile, UK fans of
    classic Jap motorcycles can hustle along to the Donington Park Classic
    Jap Bike Show in the first weekend in February.


    Six Grand 600's

    Both Triumph and BMW have had record years, surging ahead on the back
    of new motorcycle models and further refinement of their existing
    machines - and looking forward to more stellar growth in 2006! Expect
    the Japanese to retaliate with price cuts, Honda the first to do the
    dirty by cutting four hundred quid off the cost of their CBR600, which
    now retails for just over six grand sterling (compared with around
    $8000 in the USA) - well under the six grand price barrier if you
    talk nicely to the dealers. Expect prices to drift ever lower over the
    coming years.


    Mellow Marauder

    When you have a mere 12 horses and 125cc to play with, the fun comes
    from minimal mass and a decent riding position, not as in the case of
    the Marauder - one of many horrible Jap learner customs - which has a
    laid back seating arrangement and 275lbs of heft. The only thing of
    note with this character, its retail price of a mere two grand
    sterling; rather less from the discounters and grey importers. Probably
    not worth the effort of stripping it down to basics. Target point for
    125cc learners should be 200lbs, 15 horses and 200mpg! Talking about
    back to basics, the chaps at Dice Magazine are already up to issue 8,
    with some well hallucinogenic covers along the way and plenty of cool
    bikes that Marauder owners can only dream of.


    Vertical Violets

    Whilst Yamaha must be kicking themselves for not developing their
    TDM900 further, the guys at MZ more likely than not pissing themselves
    in fear, their litre twin no longer by any means unique and unlikely to
    salvage the company whilst their low end bikes can't be produced at a
    competitive price in Euroland, ending up as just another option from
    the Far East; the whole low end market under increasing pressure from
    the Chinese... even though the market for a lightweight (300lb-ish) big
    vertical twin is still wide open. Back to the drawing board, lads.


    Bristol Boglands

    The Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show used to have a nice buzz to it when
    held in the city, its move to the Royal Bath and West Show Ground only
    fun for the ancient mariners who would probably be just as happy
    roughing it in an obscure Fenland bog. As well as the usual stuff on
    Feb 11-12th, there's an auction of fine historic motorcycles (plus a
    Suzuki GS500) and the chance to laugh at some of the clowns who spend
    most of their time driving cars rather than riding (British) bikes.
    Fans of the obscure who don't like Brit winters, may instead be
    interested in having a look at this Sunbeam owners website. Nice bit of
    history of the brand - never knew, for instance, that ICI used to
    produce motorcycles!


    Basic Bouncer

    With the new Beemer and Kawasaki big vertical twins launched and
    getting favourable reviews from the reptiles, even to the extent of
    reporting fuel economy figures as good as those old sixties twins (most
    likely due to the ever more stringent emission laws forcing finer
    combustion chamber designs than any planned engineering input from the
    various motorcycle companies), it's a pity not to mention that great
    missed opportunity, the Yamaha TDM900. At 420lbs and 86 horses it is
    still in the game, has a lovely alloy frame hidden beneath the awful
    styling and really just needs a decent fuel tank, dumping the fairing
    and general tidy up with a hopeful bit of resulting mass dissipation
    getting it down below 400lbs. New 05 models still available for around
    five grand sterling and one year-olds with a couple of thousand miles,
    in perfect nick, can be had for less than four grand. Be an interesting
    little fiftieth birthday project, maybe? BTW, saw a Kawa ER-6n front on
    for the first time and thought it was a f..king scooter - tosser, Mr K;
    off the list!


    Marginal MV

    Malaysian mega-business Proton sells off its majority stake in MV
    Augusta after a mere year, having purchased it for 70 million Euro. The
    new owners, some Geneva based finance company who paid a mere one Euro
    for the purchase. Details are sketchy but it is apparent that MV has a
    huge debt burden that will take some fiscal wrangling to sort out and
    transform its fortunes. Sounds like a basket-case but may be saved by
    the quality of its product. And Ducati ain't doing much better with an
    imminent change of owners whilst the Laverda brand is on offer to
    anyone with deep pockets. Meanwhile, in the USA, Norton America have
    delayed production of the new Commando until 2007 and Indian
    Motorcycles are looking for production facilities to restart
    manufacture of their big vee's. Bear in mind, this is all going down at
    a time of cyclic fall in demand for motorcycles and general economic
    malaise in many countries; unlikely that the big multinational
    companies will be able to continue working on the basis of selling
    products for five times their factory gate cost, the subsequent price
    gouging likely to knock out many of the smaller companies!


    Big Boss

    Boss Hoss still going strong with the 5700cc, 355hp vee-eight engined
    motorcycle; a perfect manifestation of American capitalism gone wacko.
    1100lbs of mass the price of doing an automotive transplant but it is
    probably all good fun if you are bored with the usual hypersport


    Pantera Pizza

    At 45000 dollars the Pantera Dragster certainly ain't on my birthday
    list, although I suppose the thought of a two litre vee-twin should
    inspire some wallet twitching. At 550lbs the Pantera is an almost
    lightweight for this kind of motorcycle and possibly worth its weight
    in gold.


    Voxan Vibes

    Struggling Voxan still hanging on in there but having some problems
    with component suppliers and lacking the funds to ramp up production.
    Their litre, 72 degree vee-twin a plausible bit of kit, available in a
    range of motorcycles, the Scrambler the least likely to do any damage
    to aged bodies. The only option for small factories like this, to sell
    directly over the web; a good starting point for Voxan to replace the
    French verbals on their website with something most of the world can

    Much more at:
    , Feb 4, 2006
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