Getting Around Copy Controls

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    Getting Around Copy Controls

    Big stores sell apps with tips for copying protected DVDs.

    Tom Spring
    From the May 2005 issue of PC World magazine
    Posted Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    Click here for full-size image.

    Despite laws making it illegal to circumvent antipiracy technology on
    DVD movies, programs with tools and instructions for doing just that
    remain widely available at major retailers such as Best Buy, CompUSA,
    and Target.

    Out of the box, Bling Software's 123 Copy DVD and Me Too Software's
    ICopyDVDs2 Standard, each $30, don't allow you to duplicate
    copy-protected DVDs. But both products provide instructions on how to
    obtain free add-ons to bypass copy restrictions.

    In 2004, a judge banned 321 Studios' DVD X Copy, which could create
    duplicates of commercial DVD movies, saying it violated the federal
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act's ban on information or tools to
    bypass copy-control technology (including the Contents Scramble System
    that is used in DVD media).

    Non-U.S. Only?

    When you try to copy a protected DVD using ICopy-DVDs2 or 123 Copy
    DVD, you get a message warning that doing so is illegal in the United
    States. But ICopyDVDs2 then explains how non-U.S. users can find and
    download an add-on for copying CSS-protected DVDs. Similarly, 123 Copy
    DVD offers a link to, a site where you can download a
    similar add-on. When we began researching this story, Internet domain
    registration records showed that was registered to
    Bling Software at an address in Gibraltar. (The registration info has
    since been made private.)

    The makers of 123 Copy DVD did not respond to our e-mail queries. Me
    Too Software's Ron Wojcik says the product merely provides tips to
    international users, who are not bound by U.S. laws. Best Buy and
    CompUSA declined to comment, as did a spokesperson for the Motion
    Picture Association of America. For now, a loophole is open.,aid,120105,tk,dn033105X,00.asp

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    Ablang, Apr 1, 2005
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