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    Doctor Spook is a long time Burning Man(96) vetern and 3D animation
    luminary who has been focused primarily on transcending the old
    paradigm of living and helping bring forth the new generation of free
    thinking proactive visionaries. His new label and all of
    its releases were created with this important goal in mind. This
    digital shaman uses sacred geometry and mystical symbols to evoke a
    psychdelic state of mind simply by experiencing the effect. Free
    samples available online. Winter Solstice Bundle Deal 2 DVDs for $40 or
    2 CDs for $20.

    GeoSpirit1: Virtual Vortex

    GEOMAGNETIC.TV is thrilled to present their newest offering in
    revolutionary psychedelic multimedia: Geospirit 1: Virtual Vortex.

    Using state of the art technology, Virtual Vortex captures the light &
    sonic pulsations of the collective psy-consciousness, and renders them
    in perfect precision to the pixilated screen. An unbelievable cyber
    explosion of sight & sound!

    Psychedelic 3D animated worlds of twisting, cerebral holograms & unique
    and captivating characters, set to a soundtrack of the hottest global
    psytrance make this DVD/CD combination sure to be a timeless classic
    known for blowing the lid off the industry standard.

    Defying stereotypical music labels and dichotomies such as light vs.
    dark or commercial vs. trauma, GeoSpirit delivers eleven tracks of
    true, raw, psychedelic genius showcasing Neuromotor, Scorb, Desert
    Dwellers, Rastaliens, & Mr. Peculiar, as well as cutting edge artist
    combinations of Altom vs. Chromatone, CPU vs Phoenix Family, Earthling
    vs Chromatone & Random, Nomad vs. Jeremy Tsunami and more!

    Sit back, relax and let Virtual Vortex take you on a trance formative
    trip that is sure to activate your DNA and cause universal

    Located in San Francisco, CA, GEOMAGNETIC.TV is the world's leading
    visionary mastermind in psychedelic visual and aural artistry. With
    past accomplishments such as Magnus and contributing to the cult
    classic Liquid Crystal Vision, as well as a plethora of future releases
    just minutes away, San Fran Psychos1 and the highly anticipated
    Engrams1: Luminaria 2012, GEOMAGNETIC.TV bursts onto the scene full
    force as the hottest new generation label distorting your mind and body
    with cosmic psychedelic innovation.

    Swirl through a vortex of virtual and auricular revelations.... It's
    like Pixar on DMT!!!

    For visual and aural samples, or to buy directly:

    CD & DVD Track Listing:

    1) Altom vs. Chromatone & Phoenix Family: METADIMENSION
    2) Desert Dwellers (Random/Dr. Spook RMX): HIGH SENSORY PERCEPTION
    3) Chromatone: MIGHTONCHONDRIA (RMX)
    4) Mr. Peculiar: CRYSTAL MYTH
    5) Scorb: THUNDERMENTAL (Redeux)
    6) CPU w/ Phoenix Family: DECENTRALIZE
    7) Neuromotor: DANGER HIGHT VOLTAGE (RMX)
    9) Phoenix Family: PERPETUAL SUN
    10) Earthling w/ Random and Chromatone: KILLER DOPE (Phoenix Family
    11) Nomad and Jeremy Tsunami: HIGH VOLUME

    DVD & CD Sold Separately.

    DVD Video Format TRT: 60 Minute Seamless DJ Mix set to 3D Animation.
    Special Features Include VJ clips & Artist Bios & Discographies + AC3
    Audio Mix in Letter Box. High Resolution 24p 6.5Mbs encoding. Catalogue
    #: GEODVD002. 2 Panel Amaray Case.

    To acquire your DVD visit:

    Audio CD Format: 11 Unreleased Psytrance Journeys. Presented Unmixed.
    Catalogue #: GEOCD002.

    To acquire your CD visit:

    Mastered by Chromatone

    Distribution By Saiko Sounds

    Video and Artwork by Dr. Spook & GEOMAGNETIC.TV

    For more information about upcoming releases: San Fran Psychos1,
    Random: Implicate Order, Engrams1: Luminaria 2012 & Wellspring 1-
    Equinocturnis, visit:

    Dr. Spook
    Nathan Vogel (a.k.a. DJ/VJ Doctor Spook) is an award winning artist
    that creates a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects, music
    videos, dance party projection graphics, DVDs, 3D interactive games,
    motion graphics, feature film special effects shots and original
    computer animated shows. For more information see & &

    Contact Info:

    Magnus DVD:

    Coming Soon! San Fran Psychos1 CD: a Psychotic San Francisco Frenzy!

    For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:

    GEOMAGNETIC.TV...Come See The Music...
    , Dec 9, 2005
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