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    This week's update features my top ten DVD-Videos of 2004 as reviewed at GENRE
    ONLINE.NET. Sometimes I've gotten a note asking, why didn't I mention this
    title or that title and my answer remains the same. This is my top ten based on
    what was released in 2004 and what I reviewed in 2004 at GENRE ONLINE.NET. I
    won't endorse anything in a top ten list without a review to back it up. So
    feel free to disagree with me, but understand these are my picks based on what
    I stated above and I stand by them whole heartedly. Here is the link:

    Has anyone checked out Paramount Home Entertainment's "Sky Captain And The
    World Of Tomorrow: Special Collector's Edition" yet? The quality of the picture
    and sound are in my opinion excellent and I really wish I saw this on the big
    screen last year because I enjoyed watching this film a lot. One of the fun
    things about watching "Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow" is catching all
    of the little Easter eggs throughout. I've been compiling a list with the help
    of reader contributions like Jordan Lund. If the list gets big enough and I can
    get some shot for shot comparisons, I might devote a page with the ever
    expanding guide to all the Easter eggs hidden within the film. Right now the
    list is part of the review. If you have some finds, send them over and I'll
    publish them and give you credit for finding them too. Just write "Sky Captain"
    in the subject line and e-mail me at .

    I also have to congratulate GENRE ONLINE.NET reader Robert Cisek of Brooklyn,
    New York. He won a copy of "Shaun Of The Dead" courtesy of Universal Studios
    Home Video. If you have not seen this film yet, rent it out or buy it. It is
    the best mix of horror and comedy I've seen since John Landis' "An American
    Werewolf In London." It is also in many ways more sincere to George A. Romero's
    "Living Dead Trilogy," which inspired it than even the 2004 remake of "Dawn Of
    The Dead," which is also distributed on DVD by Universal Studios Home Video.

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has been doing an outstanding job with their
    50TH Anniversary editions of select new and classic Godzilla films. I was
    amazed at how vibrant and clear they looked. Acorn Media is releasing the
    acclaimed BBC miniseries "Tom Brown's Schooldays" as a two-disc set and I have
    been wanting to see this program for years. In fact before reviewing the discs,
    this was the first time I saw the series since I was four years old. It is a
    testament to the quality of this drama that it stuck with me nearly my entire
    life and I hope there are fans out there who will be happy to see it on DVD too
    when it debuts on March 1, 2005.

    Finally, Turner Classic Movies aired an excellent original documentary this
    week as a part of their Oscar tribute. It is called "Irving Thalberg: Prince Of
    Hollywood" and it begins the list of this week's new media reviews:

    Irving Thalberg: Prince Of Hollywood: TCM Original Documentary:


    Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow: Special Collector's Edition:

    The Forgotten:

    Catwoman: Widescreen Edition:

    Tom Brown's School Days: Two-Disc Box Set:

    Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster: 50TH Anniversary Edition:

    Son Of Godzilla: 50TH Anniversary Edition:

    There is lots more coming soon so please check back often. Thank you.

    Genre Online.Net: The Web Resource For Home Video Entertainment & More!

    Please drop by and visit. Thank you.
    Writer R5, Feb 5, 2005
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