full Comptia A+ (2003) and Network N+ CBT courses on 1 DVD

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Geewye25@aol.com, Jul 23, 2005.

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    The A+ and N+ Certification Package is thorough, comprehensive, and
    completely covers the objectives for the CompTIA A+ and N+ curriculum
    (including the new objectives announced for November 2003). Watching
    these videos is very similar to attending classroom instruction. You'll
    get a combination of theory and practical instruction as you progress
    through the lessons. This innovative approach provides hands-on
    experience through the eyes of the instructor. A basic understanding of
    computer usage is recommended for this training.

    DVD-Rom Contents:

    ******Top Class CBT course******

    The A+ series contains the following videos

    A+ Core Hardware Service Technician
    - Introduction to Computers
    - Motherboards
    - CPU's
    - Electricity
    - Hard Drives
    - Busses
    - Memory
    - Multimedia
    - Modems
    - Ports/IRQs
    - Printers
    - Networking (Part I)
    - Networking (Part II)
    - A+ Update Series Intro
    - Motherboards, CPU and Memory
    - Busses and Ports
    - Storage Devices
    - Printers
    - Networking
    - RAID

    A+ Operating System Technologies
    - Introduction to Operating Systems
    - File System Comparisons
    - DOS
    - Memory Management
    - Windows 98 Introduction and Installation
    - Windows 98 Architecture and Optimization
    - Windows 98 Troubleshooting
    - Windows NT 4.0 Introduction and Installation
    - Windows NT 4.0 Optimization and Troubleshooting
    - Windows 2000 Introduction and Installation
    - Windows 2000 Optimization and Features
    - Windows 2000 Troubleshooting
    - TCP/IP
    - OS Basics Part I
    - OS Basics Part II
    - OS Upgrades Part I
    - OS Upgrades Part II
    - Troubleshooting
    - Viruses
    - Networks

    The Network+ series DVD contains the videos listed below:

    - Introduction to Networking
    - Networking Standards and the OSI Model
    - Networking Standards and the OSI Model Part II
    - Network Protocols
    - Networking Media
    - Network Architecture
    - Networking Hardware
    - Networking Hardware Part II
    - WANS and Remote Connectivity
    - WANS and Remote Connectivity Part II
    - Windows NT/2000 Networking Operating System
    - Windows NT/2000 Networking Operating System part II
    - Networking with Netware
    - Networking with UNIX
    - TCP/IP and the Internet
    - TCP/IP and the Internet Part II
    - Troubleshooting Networking Problems
    - Home Networking
    - Disaster Recovery and Availability
    - Network Security

    all this for only £10.00
    , Jul 23, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Payment methods by PayPal
    + £1.00 postage
    interesting email me
    thank you
    , Jul 25, 2005
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  3. Guest

    I know I had some questions wrong and I could have gone back and put
    more time on them questions, but for what, I knew I pass. The best
    thing to do to pass Network+ exam is get the study guide and the
    simulation and is almost guarantee that you will pass, I used ucertify
    test simulation but didn,t practise much. I passed it and thought this
    exam was easier than the A+ exams. But you should still prepare for it.
    I used a couple of books I got from Ollies, I heard new upgrade NY0-003
    exam is launching. I want to more info regarding this and those who
    passed NY0-002, what are the benefit for them? I had seen that uCertify
    is giving 30% discount on its new kit for exam N10-003. Video cannt be
    helpful, you need books also to understand the whole topics. Read a
    book, study some questions and you'll be fine. TroyTech study guide is
    helpful. Don't know how the questions are asking in N10-003.
    , Jul 28, 2005
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