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    Tip of the Week:
    As an IT professional your time & knowledge is very valueable.
    Take the time each week to brush up on the latest technologies and offerings from companies.
    Your customers more then likely do not have this time to learn about products and services that may help visualize their goals. Niche on a certain technology you think will be of help to your customers and focus on marketing it to them.
    For example many real estate agents have very unorganized ways of keeping track of property listings.

    If your a savvy researcher, consider focusing your efforts on finding out about software that may help agents organize their listings more effectively. After you have found a great product to promote, call upon all realitors in your area and setup a time to meet and present it. Offer yourself as a complete solution provider for that particular product. Learn it, sell it, Install it, and support it. Niching on a particular market of customer will help you focus and realize your own business goals. There are a million different things to do on a computer, niche on one.

    Example Given -
    Dentists use software designed for the dental industry (Dentix is one). Call upon the dentists in your area. Ask which software they use to keep track of their business and customers. Once you have a list of five differnt software providers for dentists software, search for the names of the software on the web. Download all related user manuals, and educate yourself on the use of the software. Many software providers offer support for their software on a yearly contract, but the prices for their support contracts are outrageous, and range upwards of $1000 or more a year. By taking the time to educate yourself on the software your customers use, you'll be able to offer your support at a reasonsable price and build a continued business relationship with your customer. Your customers will see you as a professional solution for their particular software needs and will start to rely more on your services then the software providers services.

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    , Nov 24, 2004
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