free community computing, smart newtown Wellington NZ. Vacancies.?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Smartnewtown Good bye ..* coordinator
    3-8-2007 Friday. 4+ years.

    My name is D McD.***I am a user of SmartNewtown for
    approx. 5++ years. (9 Constable St.)

    Dear Editor, city life, wgton.

    SMART NEWTOWN [free community computing..] is very good.
    Because computers are very expensive. The RICH LIST
    means car, mobile phone, electronic waste, environment
    and computer.

    A computer costs $1000 to start, plus extra software.
    Do you know the extra costs? Can you give me some...
    Let's make a LIST.******* *****

    there's Such as printer & scanner, mouse, upgrading,
    and antivirus. You also need an extra room in your
    house for $20,000. plus internet modem. Then training
    and books and discs...
    You cannot use the phone line for 111 emergency at the
    same time, etc.
    and PEACE OF MIND. I could have learning
    somebody could explain -show me, tripping over
    electricity cables and plugs, safety heating and food.
    Accidents, lose your data.
    That is some whys computer is very EXPENSIVE.

    My rich friends say; buy yourself a computer Don. They
    are probably in Debt.

    SmartNewtown is a good place because it gets you out
    of the house and meet people.

    Virus and email spam costs every internet user in the
    world $1000- per year. Trillion 2000. Therefore, all
    towns in NZ should support free community computing.

    Email and w.w.w. helped me to get interviewed on TVNZ
    Close Up programme. [picky mcd tvnz June 27, 2005.]

    My home computer also helped me have over 40 integer
    sequences in the Online Encyclopedia of Integ Seqces.
    I have a dozen letters in NZ Science Monthly magazine
    between 1993-2000.

    Smart Newtown helps me find out about science
    meetings, Newtown (NRA) and WCC Draft Annual Plan
    I have also started 19oo articles in google groups
    and learn things. a very good coordinator and makes smart
    newtown a good and safe place to use and work with.
    IF I leave something behind by mistake, he discovers
    it and gives it back to me.
    THANK YOU ... On behalf of Don + free comty computing.

    I am sorry you are leaving. Good wishes for your new

    2* trainer administrator vacancy..........ICT....... nz. 9/8/2007. Wellington.
    , Aug 9, 2007
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  2. thingy Guest



    > Virus and email spam costs every internet user in the
    > world $1000- per year. Trillion 2000. Therefore, all
    > towns in NZ should support free community computing.


    uh total lack of logic.......

    1) Where did you get these figures? It does not cost me $1000 a year, I
    dont need an anti-virus scanner (even though my email server does run
    clamav) (hint Linux and Mac OSX are immune).

    2) even if that is correct, which I do not believe, there are some
    points that I think you do not understand....

    a) lots of anti-virus and anti-spam companies love to throw these
    numbers around to justify the cost of their is dubious
    accounting to say the least.
    b) The spam defences are attached to your email address and not your
    PC. Whether you connect to a real ISP via a dialup or via an internet
    cafe to hotmail, it is still costing $ per mailbox to defend. You do not
    take that cost away by having community Internet PC. You may not be
    paying, but somewhere a cost is involved its just hidden from you....

    c) Going back to spam, I get maybe 3 or 4 a month....I wont even try
    and count how many get into my gmail account let alone OK
    your account is "free......enjoy....mine is usable and clutter free.

    3) You might like to get out and about, but personally I like to sit in
    the comfort of my home and go onto the Internet, our family with a PC
    each even does this together...(hint

    So, should communities cough up the $? generally yes I think there is a
    strong case for some community Internet, but I dont see its need on a
    huge scale and businesses can also do it.


    thingy, Aug 9, 2007
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  3. Steve Guest

    Re: free community computing, smart newtown Wellington NZ.Vacancies.?

    On Wed, 08 Aug 2007 20:11:26 -0700, wrote:

    What is this drivel? If you want access to a shared pc that costs either
    nothing, or next to nothing, then go to your library. If you want to buy a
    PC on a limited budget, then don't buy a new one. Even new, $1000 gets you
    a pretty decent one, unless you *need* a laptop of course.

    If this post is about someone leaving, then it's not really that
    appropriate, but make it clear, will you?
    Steve, Aug 10, 2007
  4. Nik Coughlin Guest

    Steve wrote:
    > Even new, $1000 gets you a pretty decent one

    My brother recently paid $580 for a new AMD64 X2 3600 with 1gb ram, 160gb
    hdd, onboard nvidia gfx. No keyboard, mouse or monitor or OS as he already
    had all of those.
    Nik Coughlin, Aug 10, 2007
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