Fox will pursue 60 day after wide theatrical release HD single view.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Variety: Peter Chernin annouces Fox will pursue 60 day after wide
    theatrical release HD single view home video release.

    Fox smudges old windows

    Studio shakes up delivery skeds


    In another move that could signal a seismic shift in how motion
    pictures become available to the public, Chernin said Fox is
    developing a plan to release its movies in high-definition just 60
    days after theatrical release.

    Chernin said Fox has not yet determined the delivery platform for the
    newly created high-def window between theatrical distribution and
    homevideo release. High-definition can be delivered via cable,
    satellite, the Internet and, soon, digital discs.

    A News Corp. spokeswoman declined to provide further details of the
    plans and Chernin left the dinner without taking questions.

    However, Fox home entertainment officials said after Chernin's speech
    that the high-def movie would be available for one-time viewing only
    in the new window, indicating that the likely means of delivery would
    not be on disc.

    The news comes just three weeks before Mark Cuban debuts Steven
    Soderbergh's "Bubble" in 20 of his Landmark theaters Jan. 27 nearly
    simultaneous with the premiere of the movie on the high-def HDNet
    Movies channel and on DVD Jan. 31.

    Chernin's address capped a week of aggressive digital delivery
    announcements by Fox companies, including plans to make "The Shield"
    and "Rescue Me" available several days in advance of their weekly
    debut on FX to customers who adopt parent News Corp.'s new DirecTV
    DVRs. The studio's homevideo unit also announced plans to release the
    first movies in the new high-def digital disc format called Blu-ray
    Disc two weeks prior to the introduction of the first Blu-ray machine
    sometime this spring or early summer.

    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment president Mike Dunn said the
    move to introduce the new premium high-def window could happen within
    a matter of months.

    Chernin's appearance at the Leaders in Technology dinner marked the
    first time an executive from a content-producing company has addressed
    the annual bread-breaking between technology companies and public
    policymakers hosted by the Consumer Electronics Assn., at CES.

    (Paul Sweeting is a reporter for Variety sister publication DVD


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    Allan, Jan 9, 2006
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