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  1. Dear Mr. Di©kus and his followers,

    your replay to my post bellow was not fair and balanced. It’s obvious that
    the only news you watch is FOXnews. However its kind interesting opportunity
    for me to speculate and extend this topic to an understanding level based on
    a fair humanitarian view.
    And I’m not here to preach anything But an honest discussion- based on what
    I believe is fair and balanced.

    And before I start- I would like to tell you that I was following almost all
    of your posts, till I come to conclusion that you not a bad person at all,
    but you’re following the wrong path by lunching hate on the minority and the
    helpless to become something you don’t wannabe like (MCGP) or a leader of
    some internet gang characters that was mislead and thought to hate even the
    race they come from!

    You must understand that you can never show your hate for someone- and
    expect them to love you back. And if you put your self on others shoes for a
    second and look back in the history, you would see and understand and feel
    what is right from wrong. ….what I’m trying to outline here is the evil
    media power that can manipulate others brain and make you look the way they
    want you to look like (innocent or guilty) in a single photo-shot!.
    I honestly found your argument has no clue of what you talking about. You
    and your bodies argument is the 9/11 and what the terrorists have don around
    the world- right? Well, guess what! The only connection between Iraq and 9/11
    is because Iraq is a “Muslim†country period!. And let not forget that
    Muslims did not invent terrorism and those mother f*ckers (terrorists) have
    don more harm to Muslims then any other nations in the world. And while you
    at it.. let not forget the Oklahoma bomber, the Irish terrorists the basc of
    Spain and so on…
    So, do you really think its fair to kill hundreds thousands of helpless
    people to get one jacka$$?!
    Do you really think its fair to drop bombs and food at same time on people
    and called good deeds?
    Do you really think its fair to label over a billion populations as
    terrorists just because 1% of them happen to be?!
    Do you really think its fair to compare “ariel sharon†to someone prophet or
    Jesus in your TV shows??!
    Do you really think its ok to insult someone religion, culture, principal,
    father, mother or a person him self and called freedom of speech? .. (Because
    as far as I know.. if I walked up your face and called you something
    unacceptable = chances are that I will end up in jail!. There is a fine line
    between freedom of speech and saying something that would get you in trouble.)
    Do you really think its ok to label and discriminate against the whole
    nations because of the action of a few evil groups of criminals who choose to
    kill innocent people?
    I really get sick and tired of hearing discrimination discussions over Jews,
    African Americans and Hispanics in almost every TV/radio Talk show, yet no
    one talk about the Arab and Muslims massive discrimination that is openly and
    continuously used on Radio/TV talk shows!. .The only thing you would hear
    about arabs/muslims since 9/11 is a false propaganda that severely
    discriminate, label, and make all Arabs and Muslims like, to look like
    they’re not humans!. like they’re just a thing that you can torture, aim
    at, pee on, spit at and denied the very basic jobs in such a very classical
    skill, and walkedover like bugs that you can kill without feeling a thing!!.
    ----How unappreciative and inhuman could one be- to do this to the people
    you depend on their oil and goods to drive your fancy cars to work and flay
    your fancy airplanes over their lands to drop bombs and food over them?. Is
    it because you stole from them what their dictatorship governments you
    installed over them couldn’t figureout before you.?.
    if you acknowledge just a bit of their contribution to this world- you
    should at least show them some respect for what they are just other humans
    like you.
    And ….while this war my have don some goods, by takingout that Iraqi
    dictator and dismantling some of those stupid “terrorist†groups who killed
    and cause the death to many innocent people around the world in the name of a
    Islam… to me it still not worth it. Because there is many ways to takeout a
    single dictator or a single terror group without having to kill every
    innocents in your way and waste billions of dollars that could be spend on
    those who are dying from hunger and diseases around the world. Plus if you
    learn anything from history- you will find that Arabs and Muslims have almost
    never invade or occupied other nations, they always fought wars in self
    defense because they were invaded and occupied by the west, Simply because
    they’re Muslims and their cultural way of life and even the way they dress!;
    And if this is not enough you.. Then look at Vietnam war and long time
    occupiers like French England etc.. And you will find wars almost never
    solved anything. It only creates poverty, hates, more terrorists, hunger
    diseases and so on.. Almost every place in the world that was ones a war
    zone, is still straggling to this date with corruption and poverty and are
    far worst then they use to be before they were invaded.

    So, if you not a clueless cloned heartless person.. You will find all this
    practices went far beyond the words you invented to make others look inhuman,
    such as the word Nazism, terrorism, Semitism and so on..

    Ether ways, I still and will always love this grate country based on what
    makes it deferent then others and based on what it was founded of†despite
    the small percentage of clueless HUMAN haters that use the Nazi word to hide
    behind- while preaching worst then na’zis could have produced.
    And yes by now.. you may think the worst thing of me. And you have every
    right to, because I’m just another helpless human. So take your best shots.
    Because to me.. a terrorist does not represent Islam Muslims or Arabs. They
    are just the same as any other worthless criminals and killers that pray on
    killing innocent people and raping women and childrens in Americas streets in
    daily basses.

    So remember, that the rule of life said.. a human-being, should love to
    others what he loves to him self. because despite your wealth/power- you can
    never be better then others. because at the end, you will end up in the same
    sh!ty grave others will end-up in!.

    And Sorry for the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>long post.
    =?Utf-8?B?dHJvcGljYWw=?=, Mar 9, 2006
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  2. =?Utf-8?B?dHJvcGljYWw=?=

    TechGeekPro Guest

    On Mar 8, 2006 at 8:03pm "tropical" blathered:

    > <snip>

    Didn't read it this time either.

    TGP MCNGP #100100 is better than with updates and a 99% uptime guarantee
    If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding.
    How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!
    TechGeekPro, Mar 9, 2006
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