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    Fkasner, guess you didnt go back to the original thread, so thought I'd try
    one more time. Just what do you mean by image back-up. Have the new drive
    formated in NTFS & on my Acronis # 9 I have a "complete hard disc back-up"
    but no image back-up.. Same thing ? Thanks Gimpy.
    You also mentioned "that Since then have also produced 5 additional
    incremental additions to
    > the image of my C: drive" ? Meaning you added to the original image you
    > back up- ?

    Original Post
    fkasner" <> wrote in message
    > Gimpy wrote:
    >> Have an Iomega 250GB USB drive unit pre formatted with fat-32. Want to
    >> clone drive inside my Dell computer, using Acronis back-up software. But
    >> when trying to clone, Acronis says built in drive is formatted in NTFS &
    >> it has to delete partitions on Iomega drive to continue? Just what is
    >> this all about & what will it do to the Iomega drive as far as saving
    >> other items as photos, music, videos etc ?? Thanks for your help
    >> Gimpy....

    > I ran into the same "problem" that you refer to. However it was not a
    > Iomega drive. The hoops I would have to jump through to produce an image
    > of the ntfs disk on the computer weren't worth the effort. They provided a
    > copy of a Dantz backup software. But it was too much trouble. So I just
    > used FDISK to delete the partition on the external drive and then
    > formatted it in NTFS. Followed by using Acronis True Image 8.0 to do the
    > image backuup to the external drive. No problem at all. The directions in
    > the software were not as clear as they should be but I was able to do the
    > job. Since then have also produced 5 additional incremental additions to
    > the image of my C: drive.
    > FK
    Gimpy, Jul 21, 2006
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