Fix It 8 - MSFT vs HP XP cd update

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    Update to ongoing Hp Laptop / Fix-it8 saga:

    "- Bobb -" <bobb@noemail.123> wrote in message news:...
    > Bad news/Good news:
    > I spent a long time locating/copying files onto a external USB drive and
    > then tried to use HP RECOVERY.
    > (Not only did I want to TRY to save the install, I really want to TRY to
    > learn how to use recovery for HP, but so far - no luck. I'm still not
    > sure if I tried MSFT XP CD , would I be able to "repair the HP XP
    > install".)
    > Whether I pressed f11 at boot time, or inserted my Windows-made HP
    > Backup Recovery DVDs or the HP complete "restore to Factory" DVDs that
    > I bought online last year, they ALL wanted to wipe my drive on the first
    > screen. I powered down each time and spent the afternoon shopping for a
    > 2.5" SATA case that I could use with a USB cable. I found one in Salem
    > NH and removed the hdd from the laptop - into the case , hooked up to
    > USB 2.0 port in a desktop Pc that was in STANDBY MODE to see what I
    > could see. - NOTHING on the C partition - 62gb - 62gb free. Hmmmm.. not
    > good.
    > I shutdown and rebooted and - startup errors. It was finding thousands
    > of errors on the laptop drive and marking stuff bad. There were 1900+
    > "things wrong" with file 9 - whatever that is, and it started echoing on
    > the startup screen ( like a scandisk screen) tagging file 9 ....
    > tagging file 9... I was debating stopping it ( was it gonna fill the
    > drive with 'bad file info", and overwrite valid stuff that I COULD get
    > to using diag CD ? ), but let it go figuring I had most of the new stuff
    > off the drive, so worst case I'd reformat/reinstall. After 10 minutes of
    > "fixing the drive", XP booted and when I logged onto the desktop I can
    > SEE my stuff on the laptop drive (USB cable) ---- Yeahhhhhh.
    > Now I can just backup all of that data to a spare fullsize HDD in my
    > desktop using Ghost and then try it again in the laptop. MAYBE ( if
    > "file 9" isn't important) it'll boot. Progress anyways... this way I'll
    > get all my stuff off there and if I have to reimage, it's not a big
    > deal.
    > For now backing up - will update again when drive back in the laptop as
    > to boot or no boot.
    - Bobb -, Mar 3, 2008
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