Firefox bugs I cannot seem to swat

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by TyphoonTycoon, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. There are two issues in Firefox that seem to occur sporadically /
    intermittently, are the same 2 issues which overwhelmingly causes me
    the most angst and which I have not found any solution for.

    I've tried totally blowing away the firefox install (following
    the instructions at '' in
    full) including deleting all profile data, and then reinstalling a fresh
    (no extensions, No themes, no add on or tweaks) copy of FireFox and surfed
    for a while, but this has not resolved any of the problems.

    1. Arrow keys not working...

    I encounter this problem sporadically in FireFox,,
    I first noticed this issue come about in The LEFT and RIGHT
    arrow keys including the HOME and END keys will sporadically cease working
    in both the URL address bar and in web forms and fields

    I've tried surfing in Safe mode for a while and still encounter the
    same problem. The problem does not appear to be website specific, it
    seems to occur sporadically on any site at anytime.
    Also, I have noticed that if you minimize and then restore the
    current Firefox window suffering the problem, the keys
    now work.

    Something else I observed is that if you have 'Allow text to be selected
    with the keyboard' enabled (set under accessibility in the advanced
    options) when the problem comes about, anything you try to type in a web
    form or text field will bring up the 'Find' tool uninvited.

    2. Copy and paste problem

    I've experience this on ALL my systems through to Ubuntu Breezy,
    Windows 2000 and Windows XP and ever since I started using FireFox
    (version 0.7). I've noticed this more with copying between firefox
    windows and tabs but I have noticed this also occuring intermittenly
    when trying to copy form data you have entered in a firefox window to
    say Open Office. Often if you either use CTRL + C or the right button
    menu to copy and try to paste into another FireFox window, nothing will
    happen when you attempt to paste using CTRL + V and in the Right Click
    Mouse button menu, the 'paste' option is greyed out.

    More Interestingly (windows XP) if from there you go open notepad and
    go CTRL+V into a notepad window, it pastes fine and if you go back to
    firefox, the paste function now seems to be active again. (This was
    without needing to recopy)

    Systems Specs

    P4 3.0GHz with HT
    Windows XP Professional with SP2

    If you require any other information, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Short of giving up FireFox and going back to the darkside, any possible
    solutions to these 2 rather annoying problems greatly appreciated.


    TyphoonTycoon, Jun 7, 2006
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  2. TyphoonTycoon

    TomC Guest

    This may sound simplistic, but have you tried another keyboard?
    Cheers Tom
    TomC, Jun 7, 2006
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  3. TyphoonTycoon

    goodfella Guest

    Profile data .. hmmmmm

    i recall having some issues and then having to delete some particular
    files tto clean the slate so to speak .. but i dont know that it was
    the profile files .. something about application data rings a bell ..
    whatever it was i had to manually delete it then reinstall

    I forget dismiss the niggle problematic issues almost by routine now so
    cant quite recall what it was

    Strnge what you say about microsoft toggleing the paste feature back on
    again makes me think that old billy boy has installed a little dark
    matter in your machine .. i know the new microsoft auto-update that
    came with the media player 11 install has me wondering at times

    If i recall i will post again .. i tink there was some information to
    delee apart from profile stuff as i recall

    TomC wrote:
    > This may sound simplistic, but have you tried another keyboard?
    > Cheers Tom
    goodfella, Jun 9, 2006
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