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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Stacey, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Stacey

    Stacey Guest

    Well the project is 99% done. All that's left is; at some point I want to
    run the cables to the display inside the wall and maybe run a cat5 network
    cable to the box for uploading images from my other machine downstairs.
    Otherwise I'm extremely happy with the way this turned out.

    I ended up with a -silent- computer box (in the corner behind the end table
    next my couch) running it. The only fan is a slow 80mm zalman in the rear
    of the PSU, Specs are:

    17in Benq LCD monitor
    old style ATX case with sideways PSU
    intel P3 800
    zalman Cu 3100 HS with no fan
    300W PSU with 80mm Zalman fan 47 Ohm resistor in-line
    modified PSU case with hole in side over CPU and grills removed
    Voodoo 4 with fan removed
    slot cover under video card removed
    leadtek 2000XP TV card with remote
    Benq DVD reader
    Win2K w/ freeware slide show screen saver

    So now I have remote TV/DVD/unlimited slide show display for 1280X1024
    digital images which looks like a picture frame. So far the highest temps
    I've seen on the CPU is 46C after a 2 hour DVD. With the slide show running
    24/7 the temps are around 40C.

    I hope to have several hundred images (or more) on it to display in the
    near future given it has a 15 gig drive in this box it can hold much more
    than that. So far have about 75 images loaded and hundreds more to scan. I
    finished building the "frame" to hold the LCD this weekend. I left a 1"
    wide vent slot the width of the frame under and above to allow convection
    to cool the display. It's screwed to 2 studs which happened to be in the
    right place as the display is only 16 inches wide. Below is a link to a few
    shots of it.

    Now I have a place to display all these images I've taken over the last 20
    years! It almost looks like a 11X14 chrome on a big lightbox is the best
    way to describe it. Plus I now have a TV in the room that isn't "the focal
    point" of the room that the furniture must be arranged around like most
    houses have. I already had the old computer so the whole deal with the mods
    to silence the box and the LCD were about $650, cheaper than an LCD TV
    would have been and much more versatile.

    Stacey, Apr 19, 2004
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