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    Do you want to be a blonde one day and a redhead the next? One way to
    do this is to dye your own hair and restyle it, but you can achieve
    the same effect with much less effort - just buy a wig. To select a
    wig that would be indistinguishable from real human hair and become
    your favorite fashion accessory, though, you need to know a few
    insider tips.

    First of all, if you're worried that a wig will look natural on your
    head, never fear! A properly made wig - even the quality synthetic
    varieties - can look totally realistic.

    Which is best - synthetic or human hair wigs?

    Wigs can be synthetic or made from real human hair. Synthetic wigs are
    cheaper, but the very cheap ones you can find online don't look real
    enough. On the other hand, high quality synthetic wigs like Revlon,
    Raquel Welch or Paula Young wigs look very real. Also, synthetic wigs
    are easier to care for, as you don't need to restyle them every time
    you wash them.

    Real human hair is in limited supply, so human hair wigs are much more
    expensive; typically they several hundred dollars. Human hair wigs
    look and feel very natural. However, it is important to know that the
    quality of your wig depends on the origin of the hair used. The
    cheapest hair comes from Asian countries, but their texture is
    different from the hair of European women. The best human hair wigs
    are made from European hair but, unfortunately, they cost a small

    What wigs styles are available?

    You can get ? wigs as well as full wigs. A full wig covers your entire
    head, so none of your own hair is visible. This type of wig is great
    when you want to try a color different from your own.

    A ? wig is clipped to the top of your head. Because your original
    hairline is visible, the wig looks very natural. Also, your head
    doesn't get "toasted" under a wig cap. On the downside, though, three
    quarter wigs have to match your hair color very closely, otherwise it
    won't look convincing. It is best not to buy this type of wig online
    because the colors on the color charts are usually not very accurate.

    A very interesting style of wig is the headband wig. A headband wig is
    a full wig with a headband attached to its front. It is especially
    useful if you are always in a hurry, because the headband ensures that
    none of your own hair is visible. This style is recommended if
    , Jan 22, 2008
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