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    2 days to go!

    Empire Magazine Aus w. Serenity DVD Joss Whedon Firefly

    This special copy of Empire magazine is still in it's plastic,
    unopened. The articles are as follows:
    Top 100 Biggest Movies
    Interview with Joss Whedon on Serenity
    Stealth, Cinderella Man, Little Fish Articles
    Serenity review, as well as reviews of Red Eye, Stealth, Cinderella Man

    and Little Fish

    The special promo disc for Serenity which is only available with this
    magazine contains:

    Firefly Episode - 'The Train Job'
    Serenity Trailers - International & U.S. Versions
    Starfury Convention - Serenity Cast Appearance and Q&A
    Serenity Photo Gallery
    Buffy & Angel - Complete Seasons Trailers


    This Is Spinal Tap Criterion DVD R0 RARE Out Of Print

    The only way to rate this film properly is by giving it an "11". This
    is the all-time mother of all rockumentaries. Forget Biography, Behind
    The Music or Lifetime's Intimate Portrait - this is what it's all
    about. This Is Spinal Tap made a minor dent in the Heavy Metal armor of
    the youth culture when it hit theaters in 1984. Over the years, that
    dent has become bigger and bigger, as Spinal Tap has gone on to become
    a major cult phenomenon on video - metal might be dead, but Tap lives

    The Criterion Collection furthers its high standard of DVD production
    to new heights with each disc it releases, and they didn't disappoint
    with this one. Even the animated menu screens are well thought out - we
    get hellfire lying at the bottom of the screen, licking and spitting at
    the onscreen options. The disc looks wonderful for a non-RSDL,
    non-anamorphic transfer. The film fits nicely at 82 minutes on one
    side. The supplemental side isn't as stellar, but overall it looks
    fine. The amount of supplemental material makes up for it - more on
    that in a second. The sound is the original 2.0 stereo (Dolby Digital
    on DVD) and it works fine. Some might have liked a remastered DD 5.1
    track, just to open up the "live" portions a little more, but then that
    might have screwed with the idea that this is a "documentary". In its
    original stereo, it is just about perfect. Audio and video-wise, this
    is a well-rounded disc.

    As for the features: you get two separate audio tracks - one with
    Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer (not the useless
    one of the band 'in character' on the re-release DVD), and another
    track, almost equally funny, featuring Rob Reiner and some key talent
    behind the camera (also not available on the re-release DVD). These
    both run the length of the film, and can be found on the movie side.

    The highlight of this disc, though, is the supplemental section. Can
    you believe that there are so many extras, you actually have to flip
    the disc over just to see them all? There are the hilarious promotional
    trailers showing an Octoberfest celebration that has absolutely nothing
    to do with the movie. There's also the original 20-minute demo reel
    that features some of the better bits of the film, shot with different
    supporting actors, and some scenes that didn't even make the theatrical
    release. This was put together to raise money for the production, and
    it gives a completely different look to some of the characters. They
    also throw in a fake commercial for a best-of album Heavy Metal
    Memories and the video for Hell Hole. Both look real, real funny. Last,
    but certainly not least, we have about an hour of scenes that didn't
    make it. Did you hear that? A whole hour of material that didn't make
    the final cut! Can you believe it? It's all really funny, but some of
    the funnier bits are the more in-depth scenes with Billy Crystal's
    ranting mime, and some great character work by Bruno Kirby as a
    chauffeur that can't get enough of Frank Sinatra.


    original URL -
    , Sep 27, 2005
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