extensive smartnet (and other cisco product) part# listing

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Walter Roberson, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. [NB: The pages referenced below index *many* Cisco parts, not just Smartnet.]

    Those of you who have been trying to do competitive pricing on SmartNet
    contracts over the last few months may have become aware that Cisco is
    in the middle of revamping it's SmartNet part naming, moving away from
    the Category / Package system to more specific naming derived
    (inconsistantly) from the part number of the base device.

    It is, though, very difficult to find information about the new part
    numbers, even by calling Cisco directly. Googling for them often does
    not help much, as there are thousands of dead ends and very few vendors
    who have had the new part names indexed. And if you do manage to find
    one of the few vendors with the part number, you may find that they
    have made a subtle mistake in hyphenation, and that they are indexing
    for a different device. For example, a SmartNet contract part number
    that ends in 24T-S might be for a different device than one otherwise
    the same that ends in 24TS.

    Finding a comprehensive online list of Cisco SmartNet part numbers is
    difficult; even the best vendors seldom index more than a thousand or
    so of the part numbers.

    This evening, I finally came across a very extensive (but not
    completely complete!) Cisco part number list online. It is on pages
    from a vendor I had never heard of before; the usual disclaimers apply,
    that I have no experience with this particular vendor and have no idea
    what they are like to deal with as a company. Their extensive part
    list is a bit clumsy, but at least it is there.

    The SmartNet part listing starts at


    As there are many many parts indexed, the list continues onto other
    pages, but there is no 'Next Page' button. The number in the URL is
    their relative catalogue number; about 500 items will be shown per page
    from there. To see the next group, add about 500 to the number in
    the URL. The last SmartNet part that I found is at 293704.
    [Yes, I do mean that there are over 20,000 SmartNet contracts indexed there!]

    A few site usage notes:

    - the parts are not listed in strict alphanumeric order, but it is very

    - you might find it easiest to google restricting your search to that
    site, rather than trying to fish through all the information

    - the site search engine will zoom in and present about 20 items at a
    time, but if you click on 'Next' then you will be given an error

    - clicking on 'Stock Search' will probably give you an error

    - there are sometimes item presentation boundary conditions involving
    the first 2 lines of the listing and the last 1 line of the list;
    sometimes the .aspx picks up a few items that are not directly
    referenceable using a relative number scheme I describe above.

    I have no connection to the above site: the above material is
    just FYI, as I know how hard it can be to find a real Cisco part# list.
    vi -- think of it as practice for the ROGUE Olympics!
    Walter Roberson, Dec 10, 2004
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  2. Walter Roberson

    BradReeseCom Guest

    BradReeseCom, Dec 13, 2004
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  3. In article <>,
    BradReeseCom <> wrote:
    :You may want to investigate the Cisco SMARTnet Pricing Calculator:


    Ah, that does look useful; I didn't find that when I was doing
    my research.

    I did find some of your pages when I was doing my searching, directly
    and linked to by something else, but the portion of your database that
    I found was broken. If I recall correctly, when I went in through one
    of the methods I received a message about my query being invalid, and
    when I went in through the other method, I got a message about a
    database error.
    Is "meme" descriptive or perscriptive? Does the knowledge that
    memes exist not subtly encourage the creation of more memes?
    -- A Child's Garden Of Memes
    Walter Roberson, Dec 13, 2004
  4. Walter Roberson


    Aug 15, 2006
    United Kingdom
    I think Cisco are still in the middle of revamping their SMARTnet part numbers, but until the new numbers arrive, you may find our SMARTnet site helpful. Its WIP but we are currently able to provide instant prices for SMARTnet hardware and software cover (SNT, SNTE, SNTP, OS, SPE, OSP) If it helps.
    ITHSC, Aug 30, 2006
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