Extensions disabled at time change

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by FoxWolfie Galen, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. I just noticed something strange with Firefox 2.0. I was using the browser
    at around 1:30 AM tonight (Saturday night/Sunday morning). I shut the
    program down normally to watch an episode of Stargate on TV. When I
    returned to the computer, I had a message from Windoze saying that my clock
    was adjusted back from daylight savings time. I was expecting that. When I
    opened Firefox, all of my extensions and the theme I use were disabled,
    except for the DOM Inspector and AdBlock Plus.

    I exited and confirmed that the extensions were actually still on my drive
    in the proper directory. They were. I restarted Firefox and had to click on
    the enable button for each one, plus I had to right click and select make
    compatible for one. After restarting, everything was back to normal. I
    exited and restarted a couple times after that just to be sure. I just
    finished talking with a friend who also has Firefox 2.0 and his did the
    same thing. He thought it was worse than it was and reinstalled his browser
    and extensions.

    This wasn't a big problem for me, but it is something I've never seen
    happen in any previous version of the program. This may be the first time I
    actually had Firefox turned off when a time change took place. Each year I
    can remember, I was up and browsing at the time. I'd like to know if anyone
    else had a similar issue with 2.0.

    I have on another system that hasn't been turned on in a few days.
    I just turned it on, got the expected time change message, then started
    Firefox. All extensions remained enabled, so it seems to be just a Firefox
    2.0 thing. If I feel bored, I might try to manually set my clock back
    another hour and see if I can cause Firefox 2.0 to do it again. I suspect
    it will be a small bug that will happen once a year, perhaps twice, if
    setting the clock ahead in the spring has a similar effect.
    FoxWolfie Galen, Oct 29, 2006
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