exchange 2003 install issues

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by xeondavis, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. xeondavis

    xeondavis Guest

    I'm trying to install exchange server 2003 on a brand new machine and
    encounter many problems. Because this is the first time I'm doing it,
    maybe I'm not doing it right.

    Here's the background.

    This company has a local domain controller running server 2000. This
    DC does not have a DNS entry for the outside world and everything is
    set to use internal IP addresses ( As far as I know,
    this DC is working fine. Employees using their worstations can log in
    to the domain fine. Let's just say that this DC name is
    company.local. This DC also has a DNS server.

    I want to set up an Exchange Server 2003 on a Server 2003 machine.
    After I install the OS, the machine can join the DC with no problem.
    I then set the TCP/IP (static internal IP, IP for the DNS, etc.). I
    want to set up this exchange server with the domain,
    so people's email addresses would be employee@n... (is this
    possible since the domain name is different than the one on the DC?)

    I then try to run the ForestPrep from the exchange server machine and
    in the middle of the process, I keep getting this error message:

    "Setup failed while installing sub-component Microsoft Active
    Directory schema update with error code 0xC103798A ....."

    I try to browse the web about this error and all suggestions point
    that there is some DNS issues. Using netdiag, I'm not sure if I can
    point anything wrong with the DNS setting, or maybe I'm just not
    smart enough to point if there's anything wrong. On the Exchange
    server machine, I have inserted the internal IP from the DC for the
    TCP/IP setting. And on the DNS server, I can see a host entry for the
    exchange server machine with the correct IP address. WINS server is
    OK too according to netdiag. I can PING both machines fine using the
    names. Basically I'm stuck.

    Help please if you have any suggestions.
    xeondavis, Nov 14, 2003
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