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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by VeeDub, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I made a post a few days ago regarding Cisco Solutions providers in
    Sydney to which I received some helpful information. I just wanted to
    see if I could get some thoughts from those out there regarding what
    type of "environment" I should be looking to work in based on my goals
    and interests.

    I have been working as a Consultant working primarily with Active
    Directory for the past few years (I am 29). I have started to
    increasingly lean more towards IP and Security and want to move much
    more in that direction. I am a CCNP, MCSA and am completing my Masters
    in Networking in November. I also have experience with PIX, Netscreen,
    ISA and Watchguard firewalls. I am also becoming increasingly motivated
    to obtain my CCIE but as the majority of my experience is in AD and
    will continue to be if I dont change roles, I realise I need to do some
    hard yards getting some more extensive and varied experience than what
    I have received so far and what the CCNP offers.

    I have always worked for System Integrators which I find good due to
    the range of different technologies and sites I work on so am leaning
    towards finding another SI who works primarily in the IP and Cisco
    space though.

    I wanted to get some thoughts though on whether or not this may be the
    best option in order to get suitable practical hands on experience to
    move towards my CCIE. Would a Telco maybe be a better option as they
    may have more equipment, or potentially try and work in a large company
    that manages their own large internal an external networks? As I
    mentioned, I am leaning more towards Security so want to get as much
    exposure to this side of things with a variety of challenging tasks in
    such as area.

    So can anyone provide any feedback as to what they have found to be
    good environments/industries/organisations to work for in order to
    build highly technical knowledge and experience in this area and maybe
    some of the bad points also?

    Thanks in adance.
    VeeDub, Sep 17, 2006
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