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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Darrel Christenson, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Hey all,

    Due to some recent trades I have a number of items
    mostly on my hard drive(s) and thought I'd see if
    anyone wanted any of them before I deleted them.

    Most are from laserdisc, some from tape and copy quality
    comments are provided where appropriate. All items were
    copied direct to blank media and the bitrate was optimized
    for the running time except where noted.

    I make -r and NTSC copies only, and provide artwork where
    available as raw 300 dpi scans in .jpg format sized for
    standard dvd cases not cd sized jewel boxes.

    If you don't have anything to trade or anything in your
    lists that I want we can work out a payment deal, and
    I'm not here to make a fortune just share the goodies
    with people and get reimbursed for the cost of media,
    packing and shipping, and a bit for me for the effort...

    .... and while on the subject, before anyone asks - I do
    NOT take Paypal. Cash (US currency), personal checks
    (US only and must clear my bank), money orders (any kind
    from the US or international), and I believe anyone with
    a major credit card anywhere in the world can use the
    BidPay site to have Western Union snail mail me a money

    If anyone has any questions about the items, just drop
    me a line or check imdb.com, and write me direct if you
    find anything you want.

    From Laserdisc
    Brides Of Dracula, horror from Hammer Studios
    Colossus, scfi, widescreen
    Curse Of The Werewolf, horror from Hammer Studios
    Doc Savage, action adventure, widescreen
    Evil Of Frankenstein, horror from Hammer Studios
    The Flash, feature length series pilot
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, horror from Hammer Studios
    The Gorgon, horror from Hammer Studios
    Illustrated Man, scifi, widescreen
    Lassiter, crime adventure
    Millennium, series pilot plus 2nd episode "Gehenna"
    -- due to the episodic nature of the disc the
    bitrate was not optimized rather done in
    plain old sp mode
    Pirates Of Dark Water, fantasy cartoon, the first 5 episodes
    Poltergeist: The Legacy, horror, feature length series pilot
    Robinson Caruso On Mars, scifi, widescreen
    -- didn't make this one myself, the person who did managed
    to put the commentary on as well as the original sound
    track, which caused a lowering of the bitrate and I find
    the picture to be a bit soft
    Star Trek Animated series, 22 episodes on 5 discs
    Tekwar, scifi, feature length series pilot
    Ticks, horror
    Twins Of Evil, horror from Hammer Studios
    Vampire Circus, horror from Hammer Studios

    From Pre-recorded Video
    China Beach, feature length series pilot

    From Home Made Video
    Crack In The World, scifi
    -- from someone's probably 3rd gen copy I borrowed, the
    recordeder did a super job of cleaning up the digital
    noise at the expense of a bit of softening of the pic
    Last Child, tv movie of the week, scifi
    -- from a 2nd gen copy I borrowed, there's some thread
    thin lines in the first several mins but after that
    it ain't bad at all for an old 70's tv movie
    Dr. Cook's Garden, tv movie of the week, sorta horror
    sorta murder mystery
    -- haven't actully mastered this one yet, but I took a
    look at the borrowed tape and it looks clean for a
    2nd gen copy so I think the disc will turn out more
    than acceptable
    Message From Space, scifi
    -- found this on one of my dads tapes, don't know where
    he got it and he recorded it in EP mode but the copy
    came out quite nice
    Satans Triangle, tv movie of the week horror
    -- another one I borrowed, I think this was only a 2nd
    gen copy but due to the graininess in the picture I
    suspect the original broadcast wasn't that great so
    it's watchable but not a super copy

    Darrel :)

    "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou
    art crunchy and would taste good with ketchup"
    Darrel Christenson, Feb 14, 2004
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