Don't sign-up with Vonage

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Prior to signing up with Vonage I contacted their customer services
    department to confirm that I would be able to call a 1901 number in the

    UK that I use for international calls. I did this on at least half a
    dozen occasions and each time was told that I would be able to and that

    it would be covered under the £9.99 plan. Each time I called I
    explained exactly what the number was for and how much it costs to call

    the number with BT.

    When I finally signed up and received their phone adapter I called the
    number to check it and found that it was blocked. A quick call to
    their technical support people confirmed that the number was blocked
    and that I could not call it.

    Furious that I had been lied to so many times by sales reps who were
    obviously just after a sale I called to cancel the service. It has
    actually taken me three calls to cancel because the first two said they

    had cancelled me but actually didn't. They then had the cheek to
    charge a cancellation fee and refused to refund any of my money until I

    returned the phone adapter. The second person I spoke to said that
    they would arrange pickup but as he wasn't sure how to do it in the UK
    said I had to contact their UK office. The number he gave me doesn't
    work. So I called their US office again (all calls go through to the
    US office) and now they say I have to pay for the return of something
    that doesn't work for me despite promises to the contrary.

    Anyway, I would recommend that nobody sign up with Vonage UK if my
    experience is anything to go by. You get lied to, you have to deal
    with Americans who don't know what they are talking about, all their
    documentation is for their US service and they are just generally

    Regards, Jake.
    , Jun 30, 2005
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  2. avivhandler Guest

    I second Jake's sentiment and recommend Vonage UK is given a wid

    I regretted subscribing less than a day after account activation
    before i even had the router. Contrary to reasonable expectation ther
    was no way to use the service via a Softphone unless you took out
    separate phone number and paid for it. Replies to customer servic
    emails were always canned and irrelevant, even if the questions wer
    quite specific.

    Then my router arrived. It was impossible to get incoming calls, bu
    even more impossible to have a coherent conversation with most custome
    service representatives. I found that while the US call centre was ba
    the Indian one was far worse, with the staff unable to engage in eve
    the most basic conversations unless it was in their script, and wer
    also unable to hear you.

    For example when giving your person number after calling (fo
    identification) they would repeat it back to you, almost alway
    wrongly. So if your phone number was a London one e.g. 020 8 xxx xxxx
    they would say in a monotone "let me repeat that 8725 3727 yy". Thi
    would go on for about five minutes. Once after 5 minutes I just aske
    "Is that number you repeated one actually offered by Vonage? If not wh
    are you repeating it?". The operator had no comprehension of what I wa
    saying so went to the beginning of the script as the reply namel
    "Hello my name is xx, May I have your phone number please?".

    With no incoming calls and realising that Vonage were impossible t
    deal with I decided to cancel under the 14 day money back guarantee. A
    Jake describes it took several phone calls and transfers to get throug
    to someone who 1) understood that I wanted to cancel and b) was th
    right person (in theory anyway). This person took some details and the
    said I would be called back in 45 minutes. I was not happy and asked wh
    it was that he could not do it there and then. Again no logical answer
    I repeatedly asked "Why can't you cancel the service now?" to which th
    response was "you will be called back in 45 minutes". I asked if th
    person understood what “why?” meant and he replied that I would get
    call back in 45 minutes about that!

    I moved on to explain that I would be out in 45 minutes and could I b
    called back tomorrow. Such a statement was way too complex for th
    operator who replied "yes I understand, you will be called back in 4
    minutes". It took a further 10 minutes to get him to understand that
    would be out in 45 minutes.

    Anyway a day later no call back so I called again and this time by som
    miracle my account was cancelled straight away (well after 30 minutes o
    the phone anyway). I didn't bother to ask for a pick up. I just sent th
    stuff back as instructed and quite surprisingly all my money wa
    actually refunded under the 14 day guarantee

    In summary do not even contemplate using these guys. They seem to hav
    no concept of service whatsoever.

    > Anyway, I would recommend that nobody sign up with Vonage UK if my
    > experience is anything to go by. You get lied to, you have to deal
    > with Americans who don't know what they are talking about, all their
    > documentation is for their US service and they are just generally
    > rubbish.=20
    > Regards, Jake

    avivhandler, Jul 1, 2005
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