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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Mike Morley, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Mike Morley

    Mike Morley Guest


    I am new to and fairly new to digital photography. Please
    forgive me if I get a bit verbose below in formulating a query and request
    for advice.

    I have been using an old Nikon 800 for some while to provide illustrations
    of woodturning subjects but have more recently acquired a Minolta Dimage 7i
    for use on holidays to reduce the shoulder weight of my 35mm kit. However,
    this means that I no longer come back with a pack of slides to show on the
    35mm projector. The Minolta results can look good on my 18" LCD monitor but
    are pretty poor on even a good TV. I have seen one example of a Mitsubishi
    projector (XGA) and been able to show files scanned from 35mm slides as well
    as digital images and they looked pretty good. However, this is quite an
    expensive projector (around £2500 mid 2003).

    There appear to be several XGA projectors around the £1500 mark which is a
    more attractive figure but how good they are I do not know. I would also
    like to be able to use my chosen machine for (occasional) Home Cinema video
    projection. Exploration on the internet can dig up several opinions and
    there appear to be suppliers who can answer questions over the phone.

    However, I always like to be able to see what I am buying, preferably in an
    environment that has some resemblance to home use, and therein lies the
    problem. So far I have found nobody who can give any sort of demonstration
    anywhere near where I live (Surrey, England) in order to help me make a
    judgement either on picture quality, still and video images, or on audio

    I would welcome advice from this newsgroup either on a possible
    demonstration route or the next best thing if that is not possible.


    Mike Morley, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Mike,

    just a short reply. A digital XGA projector is a wonderful idea
    if it is quiet enough and has a high contrast. It is
    particularly fascinating for a home cinema. I use one for this
    purpose, and everybody loves the movies.

    I do show photographs on it as well, but you have to be aware
    that the resolution of an XGA projector is less than one
    Megapixel (1024 x 768 pixels, to be precise). The pictures still
    look good, but they lack the fine detail of the original photo.

    One way out of this is to zoom into the photo to show the
    detail. I currently use IrfanView for that, but the program
    leaves something to be desired. If anybody knows good software
    that allows smooth and convenient zooming, please let me know.


    No mail, please.
    Hans-Georg Michna, Oct 19, 2003
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