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    I designed a digital imaging system for a project to digitize special
    collections of music at libraries in the US and Europe. Unfortunately
    this project could not be realized, but the equipment had already been
    acquired. The system sits unused in boxes as I have yet to find
    someone who could fully utilize the equipment. I am hoping one of the
    recipients of this email would have a use for this system.

    As the project was to digitize on-site the system was designed to be
    portable, but would work perfectly in a single location. It is based on
    a PhaseOne 16 megapixel digital back on a Hasselblad 553ELX with a
    120Makro lens. The lighting system is a ProFoto 600 Compact Pack, so
    you get 1200 watts (2x 600 watt heads) of non-UV strobe lighting. The
    system can take 4080 x 4080 pixel (13.6" x 13.6" 300dpi) images at a
    rate of 2-5 secs. per image at 48-bit RGB. The system is complete so
    there are light stands, a tripod with geared head, softboxes for the
    strobes, light meter, etc. A link to a detailed list of the items with
    photographs will be provided below.

    All equipment (except Hasselblad) was brand new in June 2005. Two test
    shoots were undertaken in the in-house studio on fine art works and
    printed material. The total time the equipment has been used is
    approximately 4-6 hours. The digital back has had less than 1000
    exposures. All equipment has been packed back in the original boxes and
    unused since July. Everything is indistinguishable from brand new.

    Most of the equipment is on a lease. An Apple Powerbook G4 and the
    Hasselblad body/lens are not on the lease. As such, the equipment
    cannot be sold off the lease so I am looking for someone interested in
    assuming the lease from me. The Powerbook and Hasselblad could possibly
    be added to the lease or sold directly to the lease assumer if desired.

    The lease is a 36 month, fair market value buyout lease. Since it was
    started in June there are about 30 months left. If someone were to
    assume the lease they would only be responsible for the remaining 30
    months and not for what I have already paid. So this is equivalent to
    either a 30 month lease or a 36 month lease which has already had 17%
    paid on it. The leasing company is willing to change the buyout from
    fair market value to $1 buyout, however they are not willing to change
    the lease length.

    My current payments are $650/month with an additional $75 for sales and
    property taxes. As a fair market value lease the payments are fully
    deductible as business expenses. I do not have numbers for what the
    cost of a $1 buyout option would be as the lease company has to
    determine that. The initial cost of the equipment on lease was close to
    $17,000 with the Powerbook and Hasselblad adding about $5000.

    On lease assumption some changes can be made to the lease. No items can
    be removed, but items can be added. For example, PhaseOne now has up to
    39 megapixel digital backs. They have a very good upgrade plan, so it
    is possible to upgrade to a higher level back on this lease.

    This system is excellent for archival digital imaging and as a
    component system can integrate well with other pre-existing systems.
    This is a wonderful set of equipment and I don't like to see it just
    sit in boxes when it could be in active use. I am very interested in
    finding a new home for this equipment as soon as possible, so I am very
    flexible in working with interested parties.

    Please take a look at images of the equipment and more detailed
    information on each item.

    Robert Coldwell
    , Jan 1, 2006
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