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    1. What's happened on DivX Digest since the last newsletter?

    2. What's happened on DVD Digest since the last newsletter?

    3. What's happened on DVD±R Digest since the last newsletter?

    4. How to cancel/change your subscription email address/settings
    - how to maintain the subscription to this newsletter even if
    your email address has changed

    5. A simple thank-you and some concluding words


    1. What's happened on DivX Digest since the last newsletter?

    A new version of UBW Player was released since the last newsletter.
    UBW Player is Polish/English multimedia player that is focused
    towards the area of subtitles. UBW Player comes with a subtitle
    editor amongst other things. The official website is in Polish only

    A new version of SubRip was also available. SubRip was one of the
    first subtitle rippers. As you may know, the subtitles on DVD aren't
    stored as text, but rather, as a subpicture layer. SubRip acts as an
    OCR software (optical character recognition) and converts the DVD
    subpicture into text, so that is can be more easily
    manipulated/edited/stored. Being open-source, SubRip's development
    has actually changed hands since the original release, and is now
    being developed by ZuGGy. Almost all the big conversion tools (eg.
    GordianKnot, DVDtoOgm) use SubRip or the SubRip format for their
    subtitle functions.

    There was also a new version of Media Player Classic, which now has a
    built-in MPEG-1/2 decoder, which can be used for DVD playback.

    As for DivX news, in an interview with Gej (the original creator of
    DivX 3.x), the news is that DivX 5.1 will be released soon. The next
    major release of DivX (dubbed "Q") will come sometime near the middle
    of next year, and will have an audio codec and use it's own container
    format, as opposed to AVI. An AVI container version will still be

    That's all for this issue, stay tuned for more DivX news on DivX
    Digest ...

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    2. What's happened on DVD Digest since the last newsletter?

    There has actually been quite a few updates on DVD Digest, more so
    than on DivX Digest, which was a little strange. Anyway, on to the
    updates ...

    A new major version of DVDIdle and DVD Region-Free, both from the
    same company, has been released. DVDIdle is a DVD-ROM caching tool
    that caches the DVD files to reduce disc access, improve performance,
    and extend the lifetime of your DVD-ROM drive. DVD Region-Free does
    just what it's name suggests, and makes your system region-free.
    Unlike other region-free tools which makes the software components of
    your system region-free, and hence, won't work with region-locked DVD-
    ROM drives, DVD Region-Free aims to make your DVD-ROM drive region-
    free without the need to flash your drive with hacked firmware. It
    can also turn off Macrovision protection in software players. The Pro
    version of DVDIdle simply bundles DVDIdle and DVD Region-Free in the
    same package. The new major version enables DVD backup programs that
    usually prohibit straight backups from protected DVDs to do so, hence
    eliminating the need to rip the DVD first.

    The newly added DVD X GHOST software has similar functionalities to
    DVD Region-Free, so there is choice if you need it. And to continue
    the theme of DVD-ROM utilities, CDBreak was also recently added to
    our downloads section. CDBreak's goal is to reduce drive noise and
    save power by slowing down the reading speed of DVD-ROM drives.

    An update for WinDVD has also been released. Intervideo doesn't
    always keep users well informed of small releases (ie. non major
    version releases), and so it's a little hard to find out just exactly
    what's new in the update release. To apply the update, just download
    the trial version again and install it on top of your existing paid
    for version - it should perform an update, as opposed to re-
    installing it. What is well publicised is a new add-on pack for
    WinDVD, called the DVD-Audio pack. This pack transforms WinDVD into
    the first ever DVD-Audio player for the PC. Couple it with a good HD
    capable sound card, like the Creative Audigy 2, a set of good
    speakers, and you've got your very own DVD-Audio player. The pricing
    structure of WinDVD have been tweaked somewhat as well, with the
    Platinum version dropping in price. Value for money, if you can
    remember, was one of the things that I griped a bit about in my
    WinDVD 5 review, so it's good to see the price drop happening. And a
    new version of WinDVD Tweaker to go along with the new WinDVD release
    was released in a very timely fashion.

    A new version of DVD2SVCD was also released in the time since the
    last newsletter. Think of DVD2SVCD as the "GordianKnot" of DVD to
    SVCD conversion - set it up, press the convert button, and apart from
    burning the actual SVCD, you're done. And most of the settings only
    need to be set once, and so it gets easier and easier to use the more
    you use it. And of course, it's free!!

    And to round it off, new versions of movie management tools, DVDdb
    and eXtreme Movie Manager were released. Check out their download
    pages, as usual, for a list of "what's new".

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    3. What's happened on DVD±R Digest since the last newsletter?

    Shortly after the last newsletter, 321Studios became a sponsor of
    DVD±R Digest. 321Studios is the maker of the popular (and sometimes
    controversial) DVD copying software, DVD X COPY. They are also known
    for taking the MPAA head on by counter-suing them.

    This is probably a good time to talk about the various versions of
    DVD X Copy. The original DVD X Copy allowed DVD-9 (dual layered) DVDs
    to be split up and backed up without any quality or content loss. DVD
    X Copy Xpress uses the shrinking/transcoding method (re-compression
    with quality loss) to reduce the size of the DVD. The original DVD X
    Copy is no longer available separately, but is park of the package in
    DVD X Copy Gold, which also includes DVD X Copy Xpress. Then there is
    the new DVD X Copy Platinum, which is like DVD X Copy Xpress, but
    allows you to vary the compression ratios of each chapter separately,
    and a host of other advanced features.

    While we're at the topic of DVD backup software, a new version of
    CloneDVD was recently released. CloneDVD is made by the same people
    that made CloneCD, which was so good at making CD-ROM backups, even
    those with copy protection included. CloneDVD uses the
    shrinking/transcoding method of backup, and allows you to remove
    content from the DVD if needed.

    One of the biggest problems with DVD ripping and DVD recordable
    drives is that these drives almost always limit the DVD-Video disc
    reads (and hence, ripping) speed to 2x, despite being able to go much
    higher for DVD-Data disc reads. Sony DRU-510A owners now no longer
    have to suffer slow ripping speeds, as Sony have released a small
    utility called Drive Speed Selector (DSS) which allows you to
    increase the DVD-Video disc reading speed to 12x for single layered
    discs, and 8x for dual layered discs.

    And if you also find DVD writing speeds not up to scratch, look out
    for 8x DVD-R and DVD+R coming out soon. RW speed is expected to
    increase to 4x.

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    Drive Speed Selector :$054

    -- Hilary Duff is an international heartbreaker.

    "FAILING = Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth" -- Gary Busey
    Ablang-Duff, Sep 7, 2003
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