Data Recovery ??

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Seacocck, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Seacocck

    Seacocck Guest

    I just had a 40gb maxtor slave hard drive go bad.....clicking sound;completely
    unrecognized by the computer....I've had this drive since 2002.It always had a
    bit of a delay in accessing data..Maxtor told me it was not the drive but my
    the O/S is onthe older 6.4 gig hard drive. I was using the 40gb drive for
    storage and backup. I have not backed it up for 7mos or so. I assume this is a
    physical crash. Who is the least expensive reputable data recovery service?
    Nationwide quoted $399.00...... Is that my only option at this point?
    Seacocck, Sep 29, 2004
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  2. Seacocck

    bmoag Guest

    Before you give up or shell out big bucks:

    Try the drive multiple times on a different IDE connector or different
    computer. Sometimes you can get just enough out of a dying drive to back up
    critical files. A single hard thwack to the drive will sometimes get the
    platters spinning long enough (this is the honest truth recommended by many
    fixit sites).

    However I have had the bitter experience of not recognizing impending
    failure in an IBM (now Hitachi: the ones that are the subject of a class
    action law suit) drive. They replaced the drive but the data was
    irreplacable. Fortunately most of it was my wife's . . .

    You should pester Maxtor: you might be eligible for a replacement drive.
    bmoag, Oct 1, 2004
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  3. Seacocck

    keexer Guest

    Have 'em fax you the contract.
    Read the fine print.
    Make double dang sure you checkmark the box that says you *do not*
    want them to open/service your drive in the "clean room". If no box
    on the contract then write the same on your contract and initial it.

    Make a copy of your signed contract for your records. Then wrap the
    HD with plenty of bubble wrap and mail or take the HD with the signed

    Whatever you do do not tear off or fiddle with the taped seal(s) that
    the original factory stuck on your hard drive. Before you mail off
    your HD you might want to take a picture (for your records) of the
    seals showing they were intact.

    Ask the data recovery company to call you with the estimate like a car
    mechanic would before they attempt to extract any data.

    $300 sounds like the fee to open/examine your drive not to recover
    your data. Think in terms of $1500 to $3000 final bill.
    keexer, Oct 7, 2004
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