Dare I ask?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Robert Williams, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. I know I'm gonna get bombarded from one side or the other, so I'm just gonna
    insert the buttplug and start firing away.

    I'm looking at the MCNGP Site contemplating registration and I figured I'd
    answer some of these questions first. But I'd like the
    opinions of some of you more experienced MCNGPs in the group as to whether I
    should actually register or not.

    MCNGP Requirements:

    1.. Must be able to prove proficiency in network design implementation and
    --Shouldn't be a problem, I've been a Network Admin since NT 4.0, I'm working on
    my MCSA/MCSE now to actually prove the proficiency.

    2.. Must excel in OS installation methods, performance tweaking and
    --Again, shouldn't be a problem, built computers and networks long before I
    became a Net Admin. Built all of my own computers,
    except for that first Compaq, had to REbuild that one after I took it apart.

    3.. Must frequent microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse and provide a proven track
    record of technically competent posts.
    --Doing this now. It's a real friggin experience.

    4.. Must demonstrate posting skills both defensive and offensively.
    --Hope I've done a good enough job, if not, they'll get better, I've just gotta
    get used to y'all. And if you don't like my posts,
    you can fsck off and go read your sappy Harlequins

    5.. Must know what Chalk's term is and must have used it at least twice in
    it's pure form.
    --I know what it is, but for fear of letting the secret out to the
    a.s.s.f.u.c.k.e.r.s that claim to be outsmarting the system by
    taking br@indumps and cheat exams, I'm not going to blurt it out.

    6.. Must have excellent knowledge of Kerpalism.
    --Kerpal was a wise man, I remember this time my daughter went to his house and
    kicked the cr@p out of his dog. Funny story, I'll
    have to tell it some day.

    7.. Must be willing to stand beside your fellow MCNGP's.
    --Beside, behind, or in front of, intelligence and arrogance prevail.

    Proficiency in the following areas:
    1.. Enterprise solutions.
    --It's just Small Business solutions right now. But to quote a great
    Jefferson...."We're mooovin' on up...."

    2.. Operating Systems other then (<---Tell the friggin webmaster to fix the
    typo, it's "THAN") and as well as MS.
    --Ok, sorry, hardcore MS user here. I took too many courses in college that
    forced me to work on UNIX/LINUX systems. Worst
    experience in my life. Not that it was difficult, just slow and boring. Worked
    with X-Windows a little, just not the same. And
    those MACs suck...who the h3ll would design a mouse with 1 click function?!?!
    Although the MAC graphics, for pictures and video,
    were far superior to MS, I still prefer MS's functions.

    3.. Proper use and misuse, when appropriate, of the English language.
    --I think you all know my view of the English language by now.

    4.. Newsgroup Flaming Techniques.
    --If I haven't, I will, be sure of that.

    5.. Belittling those whose skill set is far beneath their own, in a tactful
    and professional manner.
    --Ha! I once told a guy to go to h3ll in such a polite way, that I was also able
    to get him to bring me back a cup of coffee when he
    was done.

    6.. Fluent in movie, tv and song quoting.
    --Between my brother and me, we know everything. Hmmm....sorry...that, my
    brother knows.
    Robert Williams, Jan 27, 2006
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