D-Link DSL-200 USB ADSL Modem Connection Error 619

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Howard, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Howard

    Howard Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm having problems with my USB ADSL modem on Win2000.

    When I try to connect to the internet after a reboot, the connection
    requires several attempts to connect.

    As a minimum, it takes 2 or 3 attempts, but lately it takes several more
    attempts, and yesterday it took 20 minutes = 80+ attempts to connect.

    This connection problem does not appear to occur if I manually disconnect
    and reconnect, but seems to onlu occur on reboot.

    I can observe the modem status while the dial in is attempted, as supplied
    by GSIcon.exe - which runs permanently in the taskbar, even when not

    The modem state cycles between:

    No Signal | Training | Data Transmit 160 Receive 1920 (Typical Values)

    The important bit here is the modem does report a successful ADSL connection
    ('Data' state) being made, and this happens even _without_ attempting to
    initiate the 'Network and Dialup Connection'.

    When I click on the Telecom ADSL Icon in Network and Dialup Connections, the
    Dialup status dialog displays:

    Connecting to Telecom NZ ADSL

    Dialing 0,100..

    Verifying username and password...


    Error 619. The specified port is not connected.

    Redial | Cancel | More Info

    (Clicking More Info says 'Restart your computer to make sure all recent
    configuration changes have taken effect.')

    At the same type as the Disconnected Line occurs in the connection status
    dialog, the modem status cycles back to 'No Signal', and then begin to
    'train' again.

    On the rare successful sessions, I get the following instead of the
    Disconnected & following lines above.

    Registering your computer on the network.


    ... and then the status window minimizes to the systray.

    My question for this ng is: Who is at fault here? Is it Xtra or do I have a
    faulty modem, a misconfiguration of my software or a faulty delivery of ADSL
    to my location?

    Xtra Helpdesk have suggested I have a faulty modem.

    D-Link DSL-200 ADSL USB Modem

    Driver release 1.10.00008Q (Wan USB)

    Firmware Release N55.1

    Control Panel Version 3.1.1

    Modulation G.DMT (Have also tried Multimode to no effect)


    The D-Link helpdesk say that as long as the modem gets to the 'Data' state,
    that means that the modem is doing its job fine, and no warranty claim will
    be honored.

    My software is Windows 2000 SP4 (the problem also occurred under SP3). The
    drivers for the modem are the latest available, and the modem reports no
    errors in device manager. When the connection is established, no other
    problems are observed.

    The Telecom/Alstrom technician came and tested my ADSL implementation with a
    Nokia M1122 Ethernet modem. He reported the following stats:

    Bit rate:

    Near End 6304 kilobits

    Far end 896 kilobits

    Noise Margin 10dbs

    Attenuation 32

    Of note, my connection speed using the USB modem (when successfully
    connected) is only around 1900/160 kilobits. Does this possibly indicate a
    fault in the modem?

    I'm back to thinking this is an Xtra problem, as the problem is occurring at
    the 'Verifying Username' step and the modem is in 'Data' status, with the
    modem sending and receiving data fine.

    Questions I have been asked by the Xtra Support Desk.

    A. Have I rebooted?

    A. Yes many types. This problem has recurred over several months. In fact,
    it only occurs when I reboot!

    Q. Have swapped USB ports around?

    A. Yes. I also have a USB printer which works fine, and I swapped over the
    cables with that, to no effect.

    Q. Who did the installation?

    A. Telecoms own installer. It was a full install (i.e. no phone filters

    Q. Can I use the phone line?

    A. Yes. The problem recurs whether or not the phone line is in use.

    Any pointers anyone? I could try another modem, but they're expensive so
    I'll try other options first.

    Thanks in advance

    Howard, Aug 13, 2003
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